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Chet Got a Haircut

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Before . . . (what a Muppet!)

After . . .

Much better – poor guy! ūüôā

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March 31, 2012 at 12:33 pm

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L.C. (our cat) is hiding

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My fingers are “pruned” from all the dog baths I’ve given recently.¬† Of course, 2-Putt, the largest and furriest¬†of all HATES water.¬† I would like to know how he knows he is going to get a bath before I start gathering supplies.¬† (I know Caesar the dog whisperer¬†would disagree, but 2-Putt KNOWS.) This is Tupes relaxing after yelping, running away, shivering, shaking, panting, and shedding.

His fluffy tail is especially hard to shampoo-I can’t get it wet enough to get good lather.¬† Eagle would prefer to bathe in the pool, but it’s still a little too cool for me.¬† He figured out how to open the shower door, but I caught him before he escaped.¬† He dries in about 2 minutes.

The easiest dogs to wash are Bogie and my granddog¬†Chester.¬† Both are good boys and stand politely while being lathered up.¬† Bogie likes to be wrapped up in a towel afterwards.¬† As you know Chester likes to “army crawl” all over to try to dry off.

¬†We didn’t want to leave our other animal out of the bathing frenzy..Neil freshened up Lily, our fountain.

One of our readers asked about the camera I am using and in love with.¬† It is a Nikon coolpix¬†s6100. This is why I love it…the red and white quilt is finished.¬† The quilting actually shows.

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March 29, 2012 at 10:34 pm

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Red and white…my version

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I’m happy to report that the following pictures were taken with my new camera.

We start with a group of Amaryllis.

And now a close up:

STUNNING!!!  Perhaps you would like to see the colors separately, white first:

And a quilt top made by Mom¬† mom and Pop pop,¬† I’m practicing a semi-circular quilting pattern on this top.




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March 28, 2012 at 10:11 pm

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The Swiss Pasta Tour – 2012

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We had a really awesome time in Zermatt and Florence and were so happy to go through the travel experience with our great friends Dan, Jeannine, Holly and Craig.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures (that Mike and I took) of our trip!


Skiing pictures.

Mike’s lunch the first day on the mountain.

Lunch in Italy.



Tuscan Countryside


San Gimignano

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March 27, 2012 at 8:26 am

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Talent and Thoughtfulness Is . . .

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I briefly mentioned that I thought this rug would look beautiful in our new apartment . . .

I was SHOCKED to see the beautiful, soft, perfect rug on my floor when I got home yesterday. 

Your talent and thoughtfulness blows me away everyday.  Thank you so much for the beautiful rug and for taking such great care of Chet.  It made leaving him so much easier.  Safe travels home Рsee you soon!  xoxo

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March 26, 2012 at 8:07 am

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Chester is back in the city

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I’ve had a busy few days taking GOOD care of my grand-dog, Chester.¬† He learned to toilet (please say that with a European accent of some kind) in the grass after 5 days.¬† He especially hates walking in dew covered grass in the morning.¬† He is such a city boy, he absolutely buzzed with energy as soon as we entered Manhattan.

We had a wonderful time in PA.  I went to the Lancaster Quilt Show, there were many quilts that I liked.  It is always inspirational to visit a large quilt show.  I took lots of pictures (with my new camera that I LOVE) but was unable to upload the pictures online to put them on the blog.

The retirement community where Mom mom and Pop pop live had an auction on Saturday morning.  There was a lot of furniture for sale.  There were a few hand quilted quilts that sold for disappointingly low prices.  Two well pieced, hand quilted queen sized quilts went for $250.00.

Kitty, Bentley, Chester, and I went to visit Barb.¬†¬† Cathy, Barb and I did assorted artsy/crafty things for the open house at Illuminations new office. ¬†Chester had a great time doing his hopping/ running/bouncing thing with Bentley and Pippin.¬† There were actually very few fights, and I’m happy to report that no teeth were lost during the weekend.

Back at Mom and Dad’s, Chet and I helped them plan a quilt using reproduction fabrics from the Civil War era honoring the Underground Railroad.¬† They want to donate the quilt top to the place they live, some of the people will hand quilt it, and then sell it at the auction.¬† I’ll buy it if it will only bring $250.00.

I was occasionally allowed to sit down at Mom and Dad’s.¬† During those few moments, I finished their taxes.¬† Dad gave me an A, said I did a great job.

The next dog Chet and I visited was Janice’s dog, Cody.¬† We tried Caesar’s trick-we took them for a walk first thing. I am pleased to report that again, there were(was) no teeth loss! Janice and I packed the car, and drove to Purl Patchwork in SoHo.¬† We will never again try to park in NYC…because you can’t.¬† The store is near the Holland Tunnel.¬† If you go to the Purl on Friday afternoon, take earplugs.¬† I could not believe the horn blowing.¬† Chester was very well-behaved.¬† I think he enjoys fabric shops, probably because everyone tells him that he is a very cute dog.

Janice and I sat outside to¬† dine at Mole last night.¬† We didn’t want to go very far, we had consumed several beet juice/purple carrot/clementine vodka martinis before dinner. (They were DELICIOUS!)

Today we were going to leave to take Chet for a walk when the rental agent brought someone to see the apt.  She asked to show the apt later, she said it was okay to leave Chet here.  So we ventured to Manhattan via subway.  Yes, we did the usual-City Quilter, Macaroon Shop.

(The only reason I’m able to blog to tell you this much of my grand-dog watching vacation is because Janice and Chet are snoring behind me.)

Can’t wait to see you, Sweets. Hope you¬† had half as much fun on your trip as I had entertaining Chester.

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March 24, 2012 at 5:45 pm

Roll Roll Cotton Boll

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Bonnie Hunter is a prolific quilt designer.¬† (She has been the subject of one of my blog entries several times.) Every year she publishes the directions for a mystery quilt, starting at Thanksgiving and finishing at the end of the year. The fabric choices are given, small pieces are constructed, and after a great deal of sewing, the final design is revealed.¬† Cathy R. has made several of Bonnie’s mysteries.¬† She is currently working on Orca Bay, the 2011 mystery.

This is the mystery quilt from 2010, called Roll Roll Cotton Boll.¬† I am so tempted to make this quilt.¬† Cathy’s version of the quilt is prettier than Bonnie’s original. (By the way, these are phone camera pictures.¬† I think you can see the texture of the quilting better, don’t you?)

This is the border.

A close up of a block:

It is a little cold for 70 degrees here.¬† You can move…I’m ready to find a new coffee shop.¬† My favorite barista left DePardeiu.

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March 15, 2012 at 10:34 am

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