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Two weeks until I’m off to Zermatt!  Hopefully its this sunny and snowy!

For some reason I can never fully come to the realization that I’m traveling until the night before . . . actually the day of . . . when I’m actually on the plane and the plane is taking off.  For this reason, I never pack correctly.  I’m DETERMINED to do an awesome pack job for this trip because we’ll need to take the train a lot and I refuse to be lugging more around than I need.  We’ll be in Zermatt from Saturday morning until Wednesday morning so I figured that (in addition to a few pairs of jeans, my ski jacket and pants, toiletries, etc.,) I’ll need the following in my bag to survive.


And before you ask, yes I need a bathing suit . . . for this!

I can just imagine Jeannine, Holly and I sitting in the jacuzzi after a full day of skiing, drinking wine, eating cheese and chocolate and gossiping.  Can’t wait!

Written by bevanddara

March 2, 2012 at 11:05 am

Posted in Travel

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