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We went to a wedding!

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We went to the wedding of Amanda and Trent this weekend.  Trent is the son of my Dear Jane friend, Kathy.  Kathy asked me to help with her grandson Wyatt after he walked down the aisle.  Wyatt was overwhelmed at all the people (and having to wear big boy shoes) so he was given a “bye” on participating in the wedding.  The little man choose to stay outside  the church making sure the tractors stayed put during the ceremony.   I asked Neil to watch Wyatt so I could see the bride walk down the aisle.  This is what I saw when I went outside to relieve Neil:

Wyatt was very happy sitting talking to Neil.  He is a cutie, isn’t he?

Amanda was a beautiful bride.   I LOVED her flowers.  Your wedding veil was her borrowed item, I hope the photographer has a good picture of how perfect it was for framing the gorgeous back of her gown.

You might want to know why there were tractors to entertain Wyatt at the church….

This was the wedding party riding to the reception! Amanda and Trent are Dukes of Hazard fans.  This was the way they rode to the reception:

The reception was at Cross Creek Ranch.  I wish I had better pictures of the grounds…there were lots of cute little buildings.  Beautiful flowers, trees, and a pretty wooden bridge over a stream.  The pavilion was “dressed up” perfectly for a wedding.

I wish Amanda and Trent many years of happiness together!



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April 29, 2012 at 10:26 pm

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Since we seem to be blogging on garden themes

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I will continue, but I WILL return to quilt blogging soon.

I thought you might enjoy seeing the herbs in my garden, that I will be planting in yours.  No herb garden can exist without basil.  My favorite is the small spicy globe basil in the front of this pot.  Salads taste thousands of times better with fresh basil.

Mint is tough to grow in Florida.  (So is cilantro, very disappointing.) Do you remember the mint planted outside the back door in Barto?  I had it in a square surrounded by the sidewalk to try to keep it contained.

Continuing on the edible theme, this avocado freezes back every year.  I love the shiny leaves.  I also like the way the leaves start out red and turn green.

We haven’t had much luck harvesting bananas, but the big green leaves are gorgeous, aren’t they?

Another herb I grow is lemongrass.  The dogs  LOVE to eat it.  It is growing at the bottom left side of the bamboo.  This demonstrates why I want to make sure we find the correct  bamboo variety to stay green in your “yard.”  Unfortunately ours dies back every year, and we can’t trim it until we know which sticks are still alive.

Although not edible, Texas sage has a herb in its name.  This is one of my favorite garden color combinations-silver and pink.

I’m sneaking these babies in, sunflowers planted last week!  I can’t believe how quickly they sprouted.  (They count as edible because 2 of my favorite Rays pitchers are entertaining themselves playing with sunflower seeds before eating some.)

I’m now hungry after this garden tour.  I’m going to go dine on strawberry shortcake, unfortunately it is probably the last of this season’s fresh berries.

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April 25, 2012 at 10:00 pm

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Land of Dreams . . .

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Remember when we went to the Outstanding in the Field event at the Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm last summer?  Well OSF was featured in a new ad campaign for the US . . . you can view it here.


Mike, Dan, Jeannine, Hutch, Stacey and I are going to the OSF in the Hamptons this summer. This was a picture of the event a few years ago. Can’t wait!

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April 25, 2012 at 8:47 am

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Garden Help

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Janice/Mom –

Here is all I know/want/need for our new “garden”.

The deck is 22’2′ x 21’0′.  Here are pictures from all sides.

Looking out from the sunroom:

To the right (when looking out from the sunroom):

To the left (when looking out from the sunroom):

Looking back towards the sunroom:

As you can see, the furniture we have is a 6 person table and a lounge set.

This is what the lounge set will look like with all of the cushions and umbrella.

In addition to that furniture we will be adding a grill and possibly an umbrella for the table.  We would like the grill towards the back (so the grill smell doesn’t overwhelming drift into our neighbor’s apartments).  I would also like to string these lights from the sunroom over the entire deck to the brick wall and back so we have light out there at nighttime.

Here are a few pots/planters that will be good to start out with (left by the previous owner).  The water source is next to the sunroom (so right off the condo) – FYI.


On my request list would be:

  • An herb garden (I already have a basil plant and a lavender plant – thanks Ash!  Would love mint, cilantro, sage and rosemary).
  • Bamboo
  • Ranunculus

I’m thinking no to any water feature.  I can see it getting dirty and I hate when things are dirty . . . especially when I have no time to clean them.

Oh, and you asked about Chet’s requirements.  He will be too busy trying to figure out what this furry non-dog creature is to care about what is going on back there.

Mom has the budget.  Good luck! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. 🙂

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April 24, 2012 at 12:24 pm

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A Weekend of Work Is Right . . .

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This weekend we finished all of the painting, packing and cleaning.  Now all we need to do is move in (well, and get the closet DONE and the construction guys OUT!).

Katya stopped by on Sat and took this picture of the three of us.  Can’t wait until that shower head is finally replaced – next weekend!  BTW – the move isn’t making me lose my hair – that’s a pink headband. 🙂

Chet loves his little Chet-sized balcony. Love his posture in this picture.  He looks like he’s getting ready to bark at a dog . . . either that or he just rammed his nose into the bar.  He has already walked right into the screen door ( a few times!).  What can I say . . . he is my dog.

You can see his cute little face in this pic.  🙂

4 more days . . .

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April 23, 2012 at 10:36 am

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Work weekends for you and me

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I haven’ t posted any of my quilting recently . Two of the last three quilts I’ve long armed have been HUGE.  One is a surprise present, I think the other one will be finished and returned on Tuesday.  I have also finished a few more F Jane blocks, but they are rinsed and then will be trimmed and pressed before they are ready for viewing.

Our yard is beginning to take shape.  The palm trees have been trimmed, Neil is helping with the chainsaw to trim some of the large bushes.  We haven’t asked Jason to bring much yet.  (When Mike is finished painting and electrifying your house, I have a wheelbarrow with his name on it!)

Our weather was crazy this weekend.  Last night we woke up during an earthquake.  It was actually 2-Putt in the middle of the bed shaking.  He has become scared of thunderstorm.  We were having quite a duzy of a storm.  So first we had a thunderstorm, then sunshine, then a windstorm, then a beautiful, cool evening.

Hope you were able to accomplish lots at your new place over the weekend!

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April 22, 2012 at 9:28 pm

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Blue + Orange

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Kim (my bestest girlfriend in the whole wide world) and (her awesome husband) Matt are having a baby in JULY!!!!  OMG – SO soon.  They need to start getting the nursery in order . . . so I thought I would help out a little.  🙂  They don’t know if it’s a boy or girl (I’m thinking boy – but we’ll see!) so they’re going to make the nursery gender neutral by using a white, Tiffany Blue and orange color motif.

I found a lot of really cute blue and orange nurseries on Pintrest . . . below are some of my favorites.

L.O.V.E the chevron window panels and light fixture!!!!

Then I stumbled upon this . . . it actually makes me want to have a baby (don’t get excited Mom) just to put together a room like this.  Clean, bright, cheery (but not in an overdone sort of way).  LOVE everything about this room.

So I used that for inspiration for baby (boy) Kraynyak’s room below.  What do you think?

Baby Kraynyak



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April 20, 2012 at 12:26 pm

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