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So it’s officially official.  We own 1,816 square feet (+ a basement storage space + a leased parking spot in the garage) of Brooklyn real estate.  We haven’t stepped inside the place since January, and were pleasantly surprised with what we saw.  There is so much potential.  I think we’ll definitely be happy there for years to come.

We met our first neighbors last night trying to get into the front door.  Justin, Amy (I think, I’m awful with names) and their adorable one and a half-year old daughter, Ford (who was absolutely enamored by Chet). They just moved in, in November.  It will (hopefully) be fun getting to know everyone in the building.  We met our second neighbor in our “backyard”.  The neighborhood cat (which we were told about during the closing). 

She (or he, not sure yet) was pretty enamored by Chet too.  She just jumped right down onto our deck, puffed her back up, and gave Chet the death stare.  In return Chet wiggled his little nub of a tail and gave her the death stare right back.  This should be an interesting relationship . . . 🙂

Written by bevanddara

April 3, 2012 at 8:26 am

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