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I haven’ t posted any of my quilting recently . Two of the last three quilts I’ve long armed have been HUGE.  One is a surprise present, I think the other one will be finished and returned on Tuesday.  I have also finished a few more F Jane blocks, but they are rinsed and then will be trimmed and pressed before they are ready for viewing.

Our yard is beginning to take shape.  The palm trees have been trimmed, Neil is helping with the chainsaw to trim some of the large bushes.  We haven’t asked Jason to bring much yet.  (When Mike is finished painting and electrifying your house, I have a wheelbarrow with his name on it!)

Our weather was crazy this weekend.  Last night we woke up during an earthquake.  It was actually 2-Putt in the middle of the bed shaking.  He has become scared of thunderstorm.  We were having quite a duzy of a storm.  So first we had a thunderstorm, then sunshine, then a windstorm, then a beautiful, cool evening.

Hope you were able to accomplish lots at your new place over the weekend!

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April 22, 2012 at 9:28 pm

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