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We went to a wedding!

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We went to the wedding of Amanda and Trent this weekend.  Trent is the son of my Dear Jane friend, Kathy.  Kathy asked me to help with her grandson Wyatt after he walked down the aisle.  Wyatt was overwhelmed at all the people (and having to wear big boy shoes) so he was given a “bye” on participating in the wedding.  The little man choose to stay outside  the church making sure the tractors stayed put during the ceremony.   I asked Neil to watch Wyatt so I could see the bride walk down the aisle.  This is what I saw when I went outside to relieve Neil:

Wyatt was very happy sitting talking to Neil.  He is a cutie, isn’t he?

Amanda was a beautiful bride.   I LOVED her flowers.  Your wedding veil was her borrowed item, I hope the photographer has a good picture of how perfect it was for framing the gorgeous back of her gown.

You might want to know why there were tractors to entertain Wyatt at the church….

This was the wedding party riding to the reception! Amanda and Trent are Dukes of Hazard fans.  This was the way they rode to the reception:

The reception was at Cross Creek Ranch.  I wish I had better pictures of the grounds…there were lots of cute little buildings.  Beautiful flowers, trees, and a pretty wooden bridge over a stream.  The pavilion was “dressed up” perfectly for a wedding.

I wish Amanda and Trent many years of happiness together!



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April 29, 2012 at 10:26 pm

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