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I Did It . . . in 25 Minutes

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I’m pretty in shape and run a few days a week, but I usually run on Kent Ave, which is completely flat . . . and with Chet, who stops on occasion.  I haven’t run over the Williamsburg Bridge (which is steps from our apartment) in MONTHS . . . which is silly because its RIGHT THERE and a great workout because you have to run uphill twice.  Its difficult . . . especially for the first time in a while . . . so I guess I’ve been a little chicken to start again. 

Well, this morning the weather was perfect for a run . . . low 60s . . . the humidity was completely gone and I was up early so I strapped on my running shoes, gulped down some water and headed out the door.

The run up from the Brooklyn side is a steep incline . . . your legs are burning . . . your lungs are confused because they were just asleep and now they’re working overtime . . . your body is telling you that this is just silliness and you should just be running on Kent.  Then you get to the middle of the bridge.

You feel the breeze . . . see the sunrise over the city . . . and recover from that horrific climb feeling somewhat satisfied and ready to attack the rest of the run.  Then you gradually head down the other side of the bridge into Manhattan . . . mentally preparing yourself for the gradual incline you’ll have to endure on the way back up.

Once you conquer the climb back you’re on flat ground again . . . feeling the sun on your face . . . picking up the pace because you’re almost finished . . . then you get the satisfaction of running as fast as you can down the really awful ramp that you started on. 

No matter how this day will end up being, I have already conquered so much in those 25 minutes.  Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.

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May 31, 2012 at 8:47 am

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Dear Jane – Kathy completes her 169 blocks

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First, a few business items.  Thank you for fixing the problem with adding pictures.  I am blaming my new camera for any difficulties I have with my computer, and incorrectly assumed that was the reason I couldn’t add more pictures to my last blog entry.

I am so proud that your garden looks so GREEN!  Great job keeping everything looking healthy.

Janice has another great salad recommendation.

We celebrated Kathy finishing her Dear Jane Blocks:

The above picture shows two rows of blocks sewn together.  She is sewing a black print sashing between her blocks.  There are 13 rows of 13 blocks. We keep track of our progress on the quilt by placing a piece of fabric on a grid.  Kathy’s is complete, YEAH!!!!!!

This is Kathy starting to sew the sashing to the blocks.

   Great accomplishment Kathy!!!!



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May 30, 2012 at 9:29 pm

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Brooklyn Garden Update

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So what do you think? Looks pretty good, right?

Just kidding. 🙂  Here are some pictures that I took last night so you can see what progress has been made.

Its only been a few weeks, hopefully everything will spruce up soon – especially after it dries out a little!  Look at these . . . maybe one day!


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May 30, 2012 at 10:52 am

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Memorial Day Weekend – 2012 (Jamestown, RI)

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Well, we didn’t get through my entire list of things I wanted to do in Jamestown this weekend but got through a majority. (golfing, relaxing on the rocks at Beavertail, iced coffees at Slice of Heaven, a trip on the boat, a nice run to the beach, espresso martini’s at Simpatico, a trip to Jamestown Fish, BBQ with friends, island parade, got to meet little Colten – also managed to get a nice tan!)

On Sat we got on the island around 10am . . . went to the house and saw that it was in no condition to stay at.  Then headed to Beavertail to relax, catch some rays on the rocks and come up with Plan B.

Cristina and Jim were nice enough to let us call their guest room our home for the weekend (which was actually Plan A but we were hoping that Plan B, of staying at the house, would work out) . . . which meant a lot of time with this little model, Sienna. This is probably the only time that she wasn’t moving.  Most of my pictures of her are blurred because she’s constantly in motion.

Chet had a blast swimming in the kiddie pool with Oliver . . .

and chasing him around the yard (they literally did this for HOURS – he hasn’t moved since getting home).

The entire island was covered in rhododendrons and irises (deep purple, yellow and I even saw a sherbet orange colored one).  This is a rhododendron from Cristina and Jim’s yard.

I got some quality time with the girls at the Deck in Newport. (me, Cristina, Julie, Morgan)

We caught up over seared tuna and lobster mac and cheese (that was to DIE for – it had artichokes and spinach in it as well).

Jamestown had their annual Memorial Day parade down the main street on Monday.  If you are 5 minutes late (which we were) you miss it entirely, but can meet up with everyone near the harbor for their annual ceremony and dedication.

This picture was taken after it was over, obviously :). 

We helped Matt and Jim with their boats (painting the bottoms, cleaning, etc) and were able to get out on Jim’s boat for a little on Monday before we headed home.

Summer is officially here – can’t wait to get back up there in a few weeks!

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May 29, 2012 at 3:41 pm

Flowers on Friday (since you like alliteration)

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I enjoyed a morning digging in the dirt.  It is soooo dry here, the opposite of NYC.  Despite the lack of rain, here are some of my blooms.

I am shocked that this plant is blooming.  Judy and Mike gave me these plants the day before I  left Florida to babysit my grand-dog in March.  Although their leaves died,  the plants are blooming!  I love big plants, especially with beautiful hot pink flowers.

Now that you are impressed with the gorgeous blooms, this is what the plant looks like.

Mike thinks I’ll be cursing him next year since these crinium lilies have huge bulbs that spread like crazy and are a pain to dig up.

This flower followed me home from the fruit stand. (I am enjoying the first watermelon of the season, and it is spectacular.)

A few other blooms:

 Hope you have a fun weekend!

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May 25, 2012 at 9:55 pm

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Tangerine Tango

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I think I’m going to try to mention Tangerine Tango 100 times before the end of “its” year.  I wonder when the Paron color year runs.  Anyhow, back to Tangerine Tango, which is the name of this quilt.  Prior to pinning a quilt on my longarm machine, I hang it on the wall in my sewing “studio.”  The quilt usually talks to me, to tell me what design it would like quilted.  This quilt was very, very quiet.  Once I had it on my machine, and picked out the thread color, it sang.  I used the orange thread I purchased to use on a quilt for you.  So without further ado…

Aveline made it for her granddaughter who she says is 13 going on 30.

Somewhat like yesterday’s quilt, I quilted a different design in each color.

The pictures from Ashley are great.  I drooled a bit on my computer remembering how tasty the food was.  I actually enjoyed one of the blueberry muffins you sent home with me.  (I froze them.)  The pictures of the food, apartment, and you, Mike, Chet and me are amazing!  Thanks Ash!

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May 24, 2012 at 8:23 pm

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Mother’s Day Brunch

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Ashley sent me the pictures from Mother’s Day brunch last night.  I need a tan (hopefully getting a little one this weekend!)  . . . my hair highlighted (have an appointment on the books for next Wednesday – THANK GOODNESS!) . . . and some sleep (I’m sure I’ll never catch up :)) but she did a great job photographing it!!!

She also took some nice pictures of our new home.

Thanks Ash!!

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May 24, 2012 at 8:33 am

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