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Bamboo-a four letter word

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Some before and after New York deck pictures…

I really only wanted to post the second “after” picture for you , but as Kitty would say”old person with technology.”

I am behind in my posting, last weekend Neil used three chainsaw batteries and finally hooked up his electic chainsaw to chop down our very tall, very dead bamboo stalks.  The base plants are still alive.

No, we weren’t able to finish before sundown.  I researched the bamboo we are going to grow in your “yard” because I want your bamboo to survive the cold.   We are going  “green ” with the dead sticks…I used them to fashion a temporary fence to prevent the dogs from running over my newly planted sunflowers.  WARNING:  I know you hate it when I show a mess, but think of this as a very creative yard art. First I want you to see what my faux fence is protecting.  Cute little, fragile sunflower seedlings that I have been growing for 2 weeks.


So far my makeshift creation is doing its job protecting the sprouts.

Hopefully the babies will be big enough soon, so  I can deconstruct my fence.  By the way, the color is not off in this picture, WE NEED RAIN!!!!!

I’m packed…

phone charger –   check

bluetooth charger –  check

camera charger – check

nook charger check (and new book downloaded)

How did my suitcase end up more full of cords than anything else?



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May 9, 2012 at 10:00 pm

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