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A Beautiful Brooklyn Weekend

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This was the first weekend since February that we weren’t traveling, packing, painting or hosting . . . it was great!  The weather was AAAmazing.

Saturday morning we went to Egg for breakfast (Eggs Rothko + a bite of Mike’s candied bacon = a very yummy way to start off the weekend!).  Then went to Home Depot . . . followed by a stop at the bike shop where we picked up these beauties.

Yes . . . I got a BRIGHT RED bike . . . takes a little getting used to but I love it.

Then road our bikes over to The Googa Mooga festival in Prospect Park. It’s a music and food festival . . . and was the first year for it . . . so it was a little unorganized but we had a blast.  We saw one of Mike’s favorite bands perform, The Roots, for the first time (they’re from Philly!).  They had a bike valet so our brand new rides were well taken care of.

We got a great deal on VIP tickets, so got front row access to the concert and all of the famous chefs.  You can’t really tell, but this is Anthony Bourdain talking. The Huffington Post posted this story which says that during his time on stage he admitted that would eat a human and offers instructions for cooking unicorn (there was also unlimited booze and hardly any food in the VIP area so needless to say people got a little sloppy)!

Sunday I made more of my newest obsession, Gruyère and Carmelized Onion Scones, and brought them up to West Haven, CT where we met up with Mike’s cousin that lives in Texas (Kara) and her son (Dillon) (and Ellen and Lauren) for a picnic near the beach.

The weekend was capped off with grilled asparagus and portabellas for dinner and a viewing of the last two episodes of Modern Family.  Hope you had a nice weekend!

Written by bevanddara

May 21, 2012 at 10:04 am

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