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Unfortunately, this Memorial Day may be the first one in nine years that we won’t be spending in Jamestown.  😦  Only because construction on the house isn’t finished yet . . . so we’re unsure if we have a place to sleep.  A lot of our friends have offered their guest rooms, but then we wouldn’t be able to bring Chet . . . which would cause even more planning and headaches.  I really hope it works out because the following two weekends we need to be in NY.

If we do make it to Jamestown this weekend this is my ideal schedule of events.

Saturday morning I would love to be able to bring our new bikes and drive them down to Matt and Morgan’s to meet this little man . . . Mr. Colten Swistak . . . the newest addition to our Jamestown clan (who is already two months old!).  I can’t wait to give him a little kiss on those soft baby cheeks!

That would be followed by a trip to Slice of Heaven . . . where we would pick up some iced coffee and breakfast burritos (and maybe a cinnamon roll . . . I usually can’t help myself when I’m in there! :)) . . .

. . . and then head out to Beavertail to have a picnic breakfast, watch the boats sail by . . . feel the sun on my face . . . hear the waves crash against the rocks . . . breathe in the fresh air.

That would be followed by a ride over to the tennis courts where I would kick Mike’s butt in tennis.  Then a trip back home (to let Chet out) and to go for an afternoon sail into the Newport Harbor with Richard.

The day would be capped off with chocolate martinis and apps at Simpatico with the rest of the Jamestown Clan . . . followed by dinner at Jamestown Fish (it just opened in February, can’t wait to check it out) . . . and dancing at The Narragansett Cafe.

Sunday morning would start off with nine at Jamestown Golf Course . . .

followed by chores around the house . . . and a venture out on the boat with our peeps . . .

Finally ending the day with a stop by Amanda’s Annual Memorial Day BBQ (where Mike proposed to me exactly 4 YEARS AGO NOW!).

Yeah, now I REALLY want to go . . . badly.  We shall see!

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May 22, 2012 at 10:23 am

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