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Flowers on Friday

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I’m going to bed with Call me Maybe running through my head.  What fun.  I might have to start taping Jimmy Fallon, especially since I’m bored with everything else on TV.  (Guilty pleasure: I’m watching Revenge.) What a nice article about Jess.

I thought Friday was a good day to show the flowers blooming in my yard.  I look out the back sliding glass doors and see this…more of Judy’s lilies are blooming.  I love the color.

Our grass turned green in the few recent days of rain we have had.  The first crepe myrtle in my yard is blooming:

2-Putt thought his basketball should be in this photo for some reason. This plant is a powderpuff, but it reminds me of the Mimosa Tree that was in Mom mom and Pop pos backyard.








There was actually a reason for my purchase of what became an expensive, invasive plant.  This is the plant with its beautiful flowers and heart-shaped leaves:

Yes, despite much pulling and treating with chemicals, it is still growing in the garden.  For some reason, this is Kitty’s plant in my mind:

 One of my favorites is Thrallis-shocking that I know the actual name!  These originally came from Mary Anne’s yard.

  Call me maybe…and do the Roots play real instruments?  I don’t think Mike has put any of their songs on my ipod.

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June 8, 2012 at 10:51 pm

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