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I addition to Katya’s shower, Mike and I had a pretty productive weekend. We (with help from Dad, of course) installed a ceiling fan in the bedroom, sconces next to the bed, new strike plates on all of the doors (I know, exciting stuff!) and new closet doors in the second bedroom.  We re-caulked the bathtub, planted new flowers in the window boxes, fished the TV cable wires through the wall in the front room, touched up paint here and there, and repaired a few leaks in the sunroom. 

We also made our first pizza on the grill (spinach, tomatoes, chicken sausage, basil and mozzarella).

And went to the Roebling Tea Room for brunch on Sunday. What you cannot see in this picture is that Mike and I both had blue and white stripes on – embarrassing (but kind of cute at the same time :)).

We got to walk around the neighborhood for a little after brunch.  The air smells so sweet and springy because of these guys (do you know what kind of tree this is?).

Your grand-dog also got a haircut.  He looks like how I feel this AM. 🙂 (you can see the new sconces in this picture too!)

Happy Monday!

Written by bevanddara

June 11, 2012 at 8:20 am

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