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It rained and was absolutely miserable all day yesterday.  I was so bummed because we (Vicki, Dave, Mike and I) had tickets to go to Smorgasboat and it wasn’t going to be as much fun if we were inside the entire time (not to mention I usually get seasick so we would have had another issue on our hands). BUT just as 6:30 rolled around . . . the clouds started to part and the evening ended up being just perfect.  The food was mediocre and the bartenders ran out of alcohol after about an hour . . . but that’s okay . . . I was just thrilled to be out on the water, watching the sunset with some of my favorite people.  (and, of course, donating to City Harvest)

Here are some pictures from our sunset cruise!

The boys were just THRILLED to have their picture taken.

We went around to the West Side to see the Intrepid and space shuttle.

After the cruise there was a party at the new Williamsburg Hotel.  The rooftop bar is pretty awesome.  This is the view when you get off the elevators.

After we headed over to The Bedford for kale caesar salads (which may be a new obsession of mine) and baked oysters.  Not to shabby for a school night. 🙂

(reason number 2,398,001 why I love NY)

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June 14, 2012 at 12:22 pm

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