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I Am So Excited That Macrame Is Back

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Yes, I did make the big, green, fuzzy plant hanger in mom-mom’s bay window.  Kitty made the pot that was inside the hanger.  I also made the macrame hangers that were in Granny’s window.  Do you remember the macramed Santa mom- mom hung on the door at Christmas?  And the huge rope owl she had?  I think I should write this story for posterity. . . One day mom-mom and her friend, Shirley, took a sailboat out into the Chesapeake Bay.  There was no wind AND no gas in the motor.  We (pop-pop, Kitty, Bobby and Shirley’s family – Jesse, Barry and Sandy)  had to rescue them in a motor boat several hours later.  Shirley and mom-mom swore they didn’t run out of gas on purpose to get away from the men and kids for a few hours.  We found the rope that I used to make the owl in the Chesapeake Bay that day.

I still know how to tie a knot.  These pieces of jewelry are macramed:

The back to show the knotting:

My favorite version of the bracelet, directions by Stephanie Sersich:

This is fun because it’s like wearing a necklace in the front and back:

Your orange and yellow necklace is a very colorful version of the above necklace.  I’m going to dig out some fibers to knot now.  I’ve wanted to make these earrings for some time…

Beaded Macrame Earrings- Macrame and beads, Goddess style, Tapestry colors

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June 16, 2012 at 8:38 pm

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