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Texture Talk on Tuesday

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I was happy to add my name to the people who created this quilt.  It is owned by Claudia.

Claudia made the center of this quilt, then passed it to a friend who added a “round”  to the quilt, then it was passed to another person. This is called a round robin quilt.  I like participating in a group quilt like this, it always expands your skills.  One wants to do their best work when passing it on to someone else.  Sometimes a technique to use is specified , for example –  applique or piecing on paper.  Often the quilt is in a different color palate than is your typical favorite. Usually you start the piece, and then don’t see it again until a wonderful reveal at the end.

I love this picture of the quilt, on my longarm.  The morning light was perfect to show the texture from the quilting.

 To further your quilt term education, the block in the center is called a feathered star, the flower is appliqued.  The style of quilting in the center is called Mctavishing, the motif in the tan is feathering.

When Claudia puts the binding (edging) on this quilt it will be one less UFO (unfinished object) she has.  (I snuck in two more quilting terms.  Consider yourself educated!)

PS Spellcheck did not like ANY of the quilting vocabulary used today, the NERVE!



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July 31, 2012 at 8:48 pm

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday, Dearest Dara

Happy Birthday to you!!!!



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July 29, 2012 at 7:01 pm

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Flowers on Friday-Yellow edition

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I haven’t featured my favorite color in flowers in a while. (I will point this out to Neil, considering that he thinks the only plant yellow flowers.)








This is a cassia, commonly called a candle stick plant.  I am trying to learn how to take a picture of the butterflies that like this plant.  Occasionally a fluffy tail from a 2-Putt can be spotted near this plant.  (I don’t know how he has any fur left…I have brushed 20 dogs worth of fur out of him and vacuumed 50 dogs of fur off the floor.)

One of my favorites-allamanda:

This is a marigold, it doesn’t look like a marigold close up.

These coreopsis also come in Pink.  I’ve tried to grow the pink ones from seed and plants, I’ve had no luck.

I hope you aren’t tired of yellow flowers yet.  I’m pretty proud of this picture, pretty cool, isn’t it?

Hope you are enjoying your visit with Kim.  Please give Kim, Matt, and Lucy a hug from me!



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July 27, 2012 at 10:04 pm

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As the mother of a daughter…

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I’m thrilled that a woman who is very pregnant is the new CEO of a fortune 500 company.  She hasn’t risen to the level she is at without carefully considering her decisions.  I’m sure she is aware that she will fall instantly and completely in love with her child.

If you replace Marisa at Google, I would be 100% supportive of you, and would be happy to watch Chester whenever you need me.

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July 26, 2012 at 9:11 pm

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A great Birthday!

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So…I took a two-week vacation from Florida, my garden, quilting and our blog.  Thanks to you, one of the best birthdays ever! My first birthday cake this year-lots of July birthdays celebrated at Mom mom and Pop pop’s:

Then a celebration with you, Mike, Dan and Janine.  How special that you found a place where I didn’t have to ask about the ingredients.

Great food and great company.  The picture you posted includes my second birthday cake.

As if you hadn’t  done enough, my actual birthday began with blueberry pancakes, and continued with handcrafted turkeyburgers (thank you Mike) and concluded with a THIRD birthday cake!!!

Thank you so much for such a special time.



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July 26, 2012 at 12:04 am

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Woman-Power Wednesday

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Marissa Mayer: Are The Rest Of Us Shooting Too Low?

Forbes – July 25, 2012

What Marissa Mayer’s appointment as CEO of Yahoo says about our own choices.

Last week it seemed everyone was opining on Yahoo‘s new 37-year old, pregnant CEO, Marissa Mayer. The media and blogosphere had much to say on what her selection meant for women, Yahoo, Silicon Valley, pregnant women, working mothers, fashion, and an entire generation. Most public comments were positive. After all, who wants to be on the opposing end of that discussion?

However, in private, with muted tones and usually between mothers, there was another conversation I repeatedly heard. It went something like this: “Is she crazy or just naive? Does she understand what’s about to happen to her physically and emotionally? I wouldn’t have taken that risk if I were Yahoo. I wouldn’t have taken that job right before giving birth. She’ll figure out how impossible it is to balance so much eventually.”

It’s not that anyone wished Mayer to fail, but there wasn’t exactly optimism for her success either. You’d expect working women and pro-working mothers to be buoyed by her brave decision to take on two such demanding roles simultaneously. But something wasn’t adding up so neatly.

This all got me wondering (and looking in the mirror). Is it possible that parents who’ve made other career choices are so vested in their own perspectives that they can’t imagine someone else making a dramatically different choice work? Or maybe our view of our own potential simply falls short of what Mayer believes is her own? She shoots higher, and so far, scores.

Now we could easily wrap this up with “different strokes for different folks” or “opportunities of the privileged” bows. But I spend too much time as a coach in conversations about knowing, and meeting, personal potential. One of the hardest human actions is to understand if you’re living up to your full capacity, or if you’re making excuses, settling for less, or adopting others’ expectations as your own.

This becomes ever important as move through life, and align our dreams for ourselves against the reality of our lives. There’s a direct relationship between the size of this space and a person’s dissatisfaction or  restlessness. For so many people, there’s a yearning inside to be as much as they can in their short time on earth, using their unique strengths. Sometimes success can come from a hard-driving career or big salary, but just as often people seek to reach their potential in other ways.

I’m not advocating any one way of living our best lives, only that we’re as clear as possible why we make the choices we do. I am constantly in my own interior conversation about my potential too, so this one’s near and dear to my heart. Here are some questions that help me gain clarity. These can be especially helpful when opportunities or forks in the road present themselves.

1. What does success look like for me?

2. What does this bring me that I currently lack?

3. Does this notion of success give me intrinsic joy, or is it a vestige of a childhood dream or someone else’s desire for me?

4. What excuses do I tell myself to avoid taking risks, and how valid are they?  How easily can I debate them?

I remember reading an interview with a triathlete once, who said that she felt that parents use their children as an excuse to not live a fuller life. Yes, kids need time and care. And there’s always room for what’s truly important to us. Too often, parenthood provides an easy excuse for what’s actually complacency, fear or plain laziness.

As a parent of two elementary aged children, I have to say that at times this is true for me. I feel like I’m pinging back and forth between my ambition, my responsibilities as a parent, and the lure of the comfortable and familiar. Around and around.

And personally, I stand in awe of a 37-year old, 6-month pregnant woman who becomes the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Not because she’s the first this, or the youngest that. But because her vision of her own potential is big, bold, and rocks convention.

Mayer’s appointment has us talking, and more importantly, questioning what’s possible.

Kristi Hedges is a leadership coach, speaker and author of Power of Presence: Unlock Your Potential to Influence and Engage Others. Find her at and @kristihedges.


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July 25, 2012 at 11:22 am

Happy Birthday Mom!

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Hope you had a nice birthday week.  Safe travels home.  Love ya!

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July 23, 2012 at 6:25 am