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I admit it . . . I’m a complete Bachelorette addict.  I don’t know why . . . maybe because it shows you cool places all around the World . . . or because its mindless TV that gets me through dreaded Mondays . . . but I do and have a great group of friends that like it too.  We created this little game where we bet against each other to pick the winners each season (prize is a hosted dinner – by the looser of course – at the finale).  Well, I picked Jef and Arie – the last two remaining men on the show.  Mike lost – so he will be hosting dinner – which means I will likely organize and help him but that’s okay too.  Any excuse to invite our friends into our home that I love is welcome.

I’m not sure why I picked Arie. I guess it was just an automatic connection you could see between him and Emily.  Most of the crew picked Arie as one of the last men . . . but no one picked Jef except for me.  I’m not sure what it was that made me pick him either.  I guess it’s just who I would pick – because he skated (literally) onto the show and I happen to be very fond of a skateboarder.  Jef is not only a skater . . . but an entrepreneur and philanthropist.  His company, People Water, sells . . . well . . . water to people. For every bottle sold they give an equal amount of clean water to people in need.  Every 19 seconds a child dies from unsafe drinking water.  That’s pretty shocking. I use clean, safe, drinking water a million times a day . . . watering my plants, brushing my teeth, taking a shower . . . something I totally take for granted.  I recently read the book “What is What” about a little boy growing up in Africa . . . just to read about his everyday struggle to get water to drink was heartbreaking.

Here is a video from People Water’s blog about drilling a well in Nicaragua. 

Jef may or may not “win” Emily during the finale (he should – if she’s smart) but at least he has brought awareness to his company (not intentionally – he never promotes it) and the need for clean water around the world.  And hopefully the American people who are “Team Jef” (and even those that aren’t) will buy enough water to build another well or two – saving more lives in the process.

I bet you can guess what beverage I’ll (well, Mike) be serving during our finale party. 🙂

Written by bevanddara

July 10, 2012 at 1:13 pm

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