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Flowers on Friday-Yellow edition

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I haven’t featured my favorite color in flowers in a while. (I will point this out to Neil, considering that he thinks the only plant yellow flowers.)








This is a cassia, commonly called a candle stick plant.  I am trying to learn how to take a picture of the butterflies that like this plant.  Occasionally a fluffy tail from a 2-Putt can be spotted near this plant.  (I don’t know how he has any fur left…I have brushed 20 dogs worth of fur out of him and vacuumed 50 dogs of fur off the floor.)

One of my favorites-allamanda:

This is a marigold, it doesn’t look like a marigold close up.

These coreopsis also come in Pink.  I’ve tried to grow the pink ones from seed and plants, I’ve had no luck.

I hope you aren’t tired of yellow flowers yet.  I’m pretty proud of this picture, pretty cool, isn’t it?

Hope you are enjoying your visit with Kim.  Please give Kim, Matt, and Lucy a hug from me!



Written by bevanddara

July 27, 2012 at 10:04 pm

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