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Texture Talk on Tuesday

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I was happy to add my name to the people who created this quilt.  It is owned by Claudia.

Claudia made the center of this quilt, then passed it to a friend who added a “round”  to the quilt, then it was passed to another person. This is called a round robin quilt.  I like participating in a group quilt like this, it always expands your skills.  One wants to do their best work when passing it on to someone else.  Sometimes a technique to use is specified , for example –  applique or piecing on paper.  Often the quilt is in a different color palate than is your typical favorite. Usually you start the piece, and then don’t see it again until a wonderful reveal at the end.

I love this picture of the quilt, on my longarm.  The morning light was perfect to show the texture from the quilting.

 To further your quilt term education, the block in the center is called a feathered star, the flower is appliqued.  The style of quilting in the center is called Mctavishing, the motif in the tan is feathering.

When Claudia puts the binding (edging) on this quilt it will be one less UFO (unfinished object) she has.  (I snuck in two more quilting terms.  Consider yourself educated!)

PS Spellcheck did not like ANY of the quilting vocabulary used today, the NERVE!



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July 31, 2012 at 8:48 pm

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