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Thank Goodness I’m Already Married . . .

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That’s what I named this document when I saved it to my desktop.

Why you ask?  Well, simple . . . if Mike had seen that I put this much effort and cheesiness into creating a menu for our Bachelorette dinner BEFORE we were married he may have run for the hills (in reality he said, “You’re Certified Bat Shit Crazy…… but that’s why I love you.”  <– yes, I definitely chose the right man – oh and sorry for the swear word but that’s really what he said :)).

ANYWAY.  That was our menu for last night.  It was a blast and Katya, Unity, Kate and Kevin were all impressed with Mike’s cooking skills and my PowerPoint skills (what can I say, I make up for awful crafting skills with PowerPoint skills).  I’m cursing them all right now . . . Katya and Unity are on a ferry to Block Island for the weekend and Kate and Kevin are on a flight to the Bahamas . . . while I”m sitting at my desk in the freezing AC . . . not fair!

Here is the winner and looser handing out dessert.

Happy Friday!!

Written by bevanddara

August 3, 2012 at 12:58 pm

Posted in Dara's Tid Bits

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