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I know it’s earning’s season, so I’ve been trying to delay PR reviews, but I forgot to ask you if you watched the last episode.   Let me  start by saying that this is quite an entertaining season.  This year there is a good mix of people who are actual designers who try to perform the challenge and some crazy characters to keep the workroom full of  drama.  And…Tim is certainly looking quite dapper this season, isn’t he???

The producers actually waited until the third show to have a pretty dress challenge, but…in a HUGE twist the designers had to work in teams of two AND they had an actual client.  Horror upon horror!!!  The team challenges always bring out the best in the designers, ha,ha!!!  One knows that as soon as Designer A says they are thrilled to be working with Designer B that the end of the episode will have both designers in tears, and possibly one on the way to a hospital or mental institution.  And…the real life people they had to design for … previous contestants!!!

The dress was to be worn to the Emmy’s, so I disagree with this win.

Kenley looked very pretty, and it was her “look” but not dressy enough.   To remind you of Kenley:

Next Is April, this dress SHOULD have won.  How unusual for me to disagree with the judges.

April didn’t last too long on the show.

Laura Bennet was another previous designer who was a victim  model for this episode.  Laura has published a book on how to make beautiful accessories, by the way.

I’m not sure which was worse, the unflattering dress or the awful hair.

 The designers who created this dress should work on making a real person look decent in their creations. The hairdressers should have been fired.

I didn’t really remember Valerie, perhaps this is why:

The judges loved this look on Ileana.  I thought it was boring.  She was the only designer who acted like a real client and demanded the problem areas of her dress be fixed.

She did say she thought white would be nice:

The most controversial pair created the WORST outfit.  And The Mature Woman Designer sewed slower than I do.  Really. And did you think it would be possible to make Anya look bad?

Do the contestants WATCH the show?  Where is the print for Anya?

Well, now you don’t have to watch the show for the fashions, but you probably would enjoy some of the drama!

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August 7, 2012 at 10:26 pm

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