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Happy 7th Birthday Feather Princesses

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Yes, today was the celebration of the 7th year of the applique quilt guild called the Feather Princesses.  I think the membership totals 200 people (we do have a Prince) who love stitching  quilts featuring applique.  I’m not sure how the group was named but it has something to do with a  quilt pattern called “princess feather”. The pattern is a very old, traditional pattern.

In addition to being talented quilters, this group knows how to celebrate.  (They are the kind of people who would create a document called I’m glad I’m married.) The meeting room was fully decorated in Princess style.  There were princess themed tablecloths, flower filled center pieces, and festive  balloons.  We had a delicious barbecue lunch, followed by a birthday cake.  Twelve gift baskets filled with sewing supplies, books and fabric were raffled.  Door prizes too numerous to count were distributed.  Each of us received a handcrafted scissor case and needle case.

Many people contribute to the success of the guild, but the tone is set by our wonderful leader Dorothy.  Talk about a memory, Dorothy knows the name of EVERY guild member.  If that isn’t amazing enough, she knows most members important family members.  She greets me with a hug(of course you know I love that) then asks how Dara is doing, yes she knows your name.  Next she asks what quilt Mom and Dad are currently working on.  I’ve said it before, someone should study this woman to learn her motivational secrets.  She barely has a request out of her mouth before several members are volunteering to accomplish the required task.  She has something in common with you…she doesn’t get enough sleep!

Well enough gushing for today. Princess Bev signing off!

Written by bevanddara

August 8, 2012 at 8:53 pm

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