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I’m Kind of Obsessed . . .

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. . . with this apartment in Williamsburg. 

Have I ever taken you to the Meatball Shop on Bedford? I don’t think so, but I know we’ve walked by and I’ve shown you the lines out the door.  Anyway, this is the owner’s Brooklyn apartment, which he shares with his (model) wife and aaaaaaadorable pup.  I love the big windows, bookshelves, character . . . and of course, the outdoor space.

They got that leather chair for $400!!!  The trunk in front of the couch is an antique dowry chest that they found at Moon River Chattel (that cute furniture shop near Sprout).

ummm, yeah . . . Chet is, of course, the most adorable dog on the planet but this guy may be a close second.

Great, now I want a pergola on our back deck.

Pretty flower boxes.

See the Williamsburg Bridge?  They must be near the park.

Mike and I can relate to this . . . “It sounds great to have a lot of people over for dinner, but it isn’t always fun. We try to keep the number of guests to ten or fewer, so they can actually have a conversation around the table. We’re lucky enough to have a great outdoor space, and music that everyone enjoys is key; I feel like Led Zepplin, Neil Young, and French bistro music sort of cover everyone’s tastes. And when you’re trying to get lingering guests go home, just start doing the dishes. Intensely. Intensely do the dishes.”

You can read the entire story, on GQ’s website

Written by bevanddara

August 21, 2012 at 9:38 am

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