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We Have a New Creature in the House

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. . . a faux lion!

2-Putt has his very own Thunder Shirt, and YES it WORKS!!!!! Of course now I feel terrible that we didn’t buy one for him ages ago.

The fur that isn’t under the shirt is fluffed out, he looks like he has a mane.  He was happy with the shirt, but did not want me to take his picture.

You told me you wanted chevrons or ikat for your pillows, of course that meant chevrons would be the new pattern.  Here are quilting versions:

This is another version:

And while I’m showing quilt pictures, another Tangerine Tango and Tiffany Blue:

I was watching THE DUMBEST SHOW ever, (Gallery Girls) a poor Manhattanite had to go to the wilds of Brooklyn.  I always think I’m going to see one of the sites I know from visiting you.  She walked into a building that looked like… no…. it couldn’t be…. but yes, it was your former apartment building!  And as if I wasn’t thrilled to actually know a place on TV, look who was returning from his walk:

It’s Chetty!!! My  granddog is a TV star!!!

(Sorry, the show is so bad that even if Chet is featured, I won’t watch it.)

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August 21, 2012 at 9:20 pm

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