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Outstanding in the Field/Amagansett Weekend

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What an awesome weekend in every way.  The weather was beautiful.  The company great.  The food was outstanding.

First, for our second annual Outstanding in the Field dinner . . . it was held at Eeco Farm in East Hampton. 

Here is a little info on the farm:  EECO Farm is a non-profit enterprise that cares for 42 acres of East Hampton land.  In turn, EECO Farm leases gardens and parcels to individuals, families, and commercial farmers who agree to use organic methods of growing. Of the 120 gardeners who tend 20′ x 20′ gardens, skills range from the novice to the very experienced. They support each other and learn from their neighbors, as well as the master gardeners on site. EECO Farm provides water, compost, and advice, along with regular seminars and workshops on relevant subjects. The mission of the East End Organic Farm is to enrich the earth and demonstrate the benefits and practicality of organic growing.  Last year EECO farmers donated over 15 tons of  produce to local food pantries.

This is Jim (founder of OSF) and Leah (pretty much the COO)

Peter Garnham was our farm tour guide.

This is rosemary that has been watered ONCE all year.

Here is the menu.

This was everyone’s favorite dish – steamed littleneck clams with corn, kale, smoked tomatoes, rouille and garlic bread.

This was everyone’s second favorite dish – apple bread pudding with whipped creme fresh, carmel and sea salt – tasted like apple french toast.

That’s Anna beind me – she’s from TX and has been working for OSF this summer – she was assigned to our crazy table.


The gentleman on the chair is the chef, Jason Weiner of Almond.

Such a great night.

Below are a few more pictures from our weekend.  This is Ditch Plains (a famous surf spot in Montauk)

Dan and Jeannine brought their last bottle of wine from our trip to Tuscany so we could drink it on the beach while watching the sunset (and while eating these).

Awesome breakfast burritos.

Lobster roll – YUM!

The boys had a ton of fun in the pool.  🙂

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September 25, 2012 at 10:05 am

Blog hijack for quilting

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(I’m calling this a hijacking because my Tuesday sewing group has e-mailed back and forth about the “little” project that would be discussed at our next get together.  It is so much easier to blog and insert pictures than to write this info in an e-mail.) 

Judy, Debbie and I(from my sewing on Tuesday group) went to a quilt show in Jacksonville on Friday.  Kim B. joined us. We are always  looking for our next quilting project.   One of the four of us came up with the brilliant idea to make a copy of one of the quilts we saw at the show.  No one will admit that it was their idea to make this quilt, you will see why.

The quilt is made of two blocks, each is a nine patch.  These are the blocks:

 Here is a picture of the actual quilt:

The pattern doesn’t look too tough, but…


The blocks are only 4 1/2 inches!

The quilt is called Omigosh!  There are 221 blocks, 9900 pieces! Now you know why no one wanted to admit that it was their idea to make the quilt…it should have been called insanity. 

The discussion on Tuesday will be -should we each make one quilt , or each make a smaller version of the  quilt, or will we all contribute blocks to one quilt  and donate it, or  will we all make some blocks and swap them or will we realize how none of us need a project that will suck up an enormous amount of time.

On a separate topic, Little Birdie went home tonight.  Who will play hide and seek with Eagle?



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September 23, 2012 at 10:20 pm

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Flowers on Friday: Hamptons Edition

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September 21, 2012 at 11:30 am

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F Jane Update

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I think I’ve given you a long enough break from quilt pictures.  I am persevering through the blocks for Jane.  I am on the 11th row.  It is quite crazy to be working on a quilt that has that many rows, and have two more to go.  Another way to put it is :

Here are a few of the last blocks I have completed:

 Of course this is a block I really like…hearts:

We are still being entertained by Birdie.  She has joined Eagle following me EVERYWHERE.

Please take bug spray this weekend, and use LOTS of it.  Have a great time!

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September 19, 2012 at 9:50 pm

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What Do I Wear to a Farm Dinner in East Hampton?

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A helpful answer did NOT come up on when I wrote in that question . . . but I think I’ve got it covered. 

Here is my packing Ployvore.

In addition to dinner with the Outstanding in the Field peeps at Ecco Farm in East Hampton on Friday night we’ll be hitting up one of my ALL TIME favorite restaurants, Harvest, on Saturday night.

So yeah . . . my weekend will look a little like this . . .
Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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September 19, 2012 at 10:47 am

Wedding Dress Designing, Part Two

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I chuckled when I opened our blog to see that you wrote about the wedding dress creation process.  I had just finished selecting pictures for my entry. . . of Mood Fabric (made famous from Project Runway and is also where I got the fabric for your wedding gown).  I was going to write about Project Runway, but I realized that you had never been to Mood . . . so  instead of showing the designs from last week, I thought I’d give you a little tour of the store.

I’m always reminded of my Grandmother going to Mood because the elevator one takes to Mood’s third floor entrance is operated by an actual person.  Grams used to take me to Wanamakers in Center City Philadelphia, the elevators were exactly the same.

Heaven is three floors the size of a football field filled with fabric. 

 Fabric is on rolls, piled high, squished onto shelves.  There are signs hanging from the ceiling identifying the fabrics i.e., silk charmuse, silk knits, silk organza. 

Sometimes there are too many rolls to fit on the shelves!  This is a selection of new silk prints.

This is Denis, he was the person who helped me with the 30 yards of silk used for your wedding gown.  Although Mood is open on Saturday, the silk is stored in a vault that is not open on Saturday.   Denis also helps with the lace that is beaded and crystallized.  Prices for those fabrics start  at $300/yard.  I bet that fabric goes to the vault for the weekend as well!

Janice is Missoni obsessed, I included this for her, although the wasn’t ANY Missoni when I last visited Mood.

I’m sure you guessed that I couldn’t complete a report on Mood without mentioning one of my favorite things about Mood . . . Swatch!  He likes to dress up, he enjoys Game of  Thrones as much as I do.

( I had to resist adding a picture of you in your wedding dress. You were the most beautiful bride ever!)

Happy Birthday Mom!

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September 18, 2012 at 10:51 pm

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Dream Dress

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I was (so very) lucky to get the wedding dress of my dreams made by you (my super talented mother) and will forever, fondly, look back at the process and (of course) wearing the dress.  There are many (very good) reasons why women get pre-designed dresses for their big day.  Some just don’t really know what they want . . . or what will look good on them . . . or they don’t even know where to start to find a designer or dress maker . . . or they think that it will be just too expensive. In my opinion, if you have the time, vision, patience and trust in a designer I think its well worth it to have your “dream dress” made into a reality.

Last week I posted this picture of Jamie Beck’s wedding dress . . .

So pretty.  She had it made by Katie Ermilio (granddaughter of Grace Kelly’s personal clothier).

You can read more about the process they went through to make the dress here.  Below are some pictures that she took along the way . . . the process looks pretty familiar. 🙂

It took 36 hours for Katie to make this veil (aren’t you happy I didn’t ask to have lace added to the end of mine?!)

Her husband had his tux made by Katie’s father (a third generation suit maker who designed Augusta’s iconic “Green Jacket”).

They look pretty darn good if you ask me!

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September 18, 2012 at 1:08 pm