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I’m struggling this week . . . getting back into the swing of things after a long holiday weekend . . . especially after an AWESOMELY FUN holiday weekend . . . is just plain impossible.

The house we rented in East Hampton for Katya’s bachelorette was beautiful . . . it had a big kitchen and deck that connected to a pool and a hot tub.  There were a gazillion rooms so everyone got some space to spread out.  We spent the days hanging out by the pool or beach . . . and going for runs, hikes and bike rides.

We made a big brunch one morning.

And gave Katya some very interesting gifts . . .

We also rented a sailboat (with a captain, of course!) one day.  We sailed around Montauk . . . had diving contests off the boat and lounged around in the ocean on noodles. (We may have had a few bottles of wine as well. :))

We went to walk up bars . . .

and ran around in the grass . . .

and watched the sun set while diving into lobster, crab cakes and chowder.

Some nights we stayed in and made elaborate meals . . .

and played games.

While others were spent out on the town.

All together to celebrate the fact that in less than three months we’ll in be in Mexico watching this one get married . . .

So yeah . . . that was the weekend . . . no drama . . . no crying (other than from laughing too hard) . . . no rain or dark clouds . . . no broken bones or broken hearts.

Just. Pure. Fun.

Written by bevanddara

September 5, 2012 at 10:56 am

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