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Happy Birthday, Kimberly Einmo + Quilt Workshop

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Yes, the Piecemakers Quilt Guild of Brandon made Kimberly work on her birthday . . . then celebrated.

 First, Kimberly presented a workshop on this quilt, Lone Starburst:

The quilt is made from a cut of fabric called a “jelly Roll.”   (A jelly roll is made of  pieces of fabric 2 1/2 ” wide by the 40″ width of the fabric.  A roll has 40 pieces, one cut  of each fabric in a line or collection of fabric.)  Quilters fall hard for these jelly rolls, we can’t resist 40 different pieces of fabric.  Some people buy for a certain style of fabric, such as batik or civil war. Others buy every jelly roll made by their favorite designer,  Amy Butler or French General (Oo la la, Judy!)  We take the fabric home, lovingly admire it for a few days, and then store it in its appropriate place in our stash.  We didn’t know what to create from these lovely fabrics, until Kimberly wrote a book! 

Kimberly is signing Judy’s book, (my blocks are laying on the end of the table)

Kimberly was a wonderful teacher.  The technique was tricky, she helped every person until we were able to make PERFECT diamonds.  I always hope to learn one new thing from each National Teacher.  I learned the proper way to hold a ruler when rotary cutting fabric.  A FABULOUS bonus tip…one doesn’t  have to take a pin out before it goes under the quarter inch guide on the sewing machine!  Talk about a HUGE increase in accuracy.  Hold the pin on both sides, it will slide under the guide!!!!

We started out making Pizza Wedges, demonstrated by Jayne:

We added sides to make blocks:

We practiced, making four blocks:

A slide show of the rest of the students and their work:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kimberly’s husband, Mr. Kim, flew in to surprise her for her birthday.  He was a great help. In addition to a book and ruler salesperson, he is a highly skilled ripper.  He also was a great sport – 25 women, one man need I say more? 

Judy hosted a delicious potluck dinner for Kimberly at her beautiful home.

How do you end a day when a quilter has to present a workshop on her birthday?   A chocolate quilt!

I hope you enjoyed your birthday with us, Kimberly!  You were one of the best teachers, and you were delightful to be around.

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September 9, 2012 at 7:45 pm

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