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Typical of how things happen, my quilty things were all clumped together…I guess that’s serendipity.  Saturday was the Kimberly Einmo workshop that I previously blogged.  I spent the day Monday helping with judging the quilts that will be in the Brandon Piecemaker’s Show.  Monday night, Kimberly presented a program on making quilts from “jelly rolls”  at the Guild meeting.  (Kimberly was such a delight.  I really enjoyed her company.)  Judy made us set the alarm clock so we would arrive on time to sew at her house as usual on Tuesday.  Today I went to a Feather Princess meeting.  Unfortunately, the air conditioning was not working, not a good thing in Florida in the summer.  Imagine 75 women with my temperature “difficulties” in a room with no a.c. and no open windows.  I still enjoyed the meeting which was a presentation on making miniature quilts.

On a totally different subject, I would recommend reading 11/22/63.  I will admit I wish I had read it on my Nook, for several reasons.  Stephen King has an impressive vocabulary (he uses big words) and I like having the built-in dictionary in my Nook.  I have started the habit of using the note feature for characters names , which would have been helpful in this book-SK was very tricky with some names. (I decided after 100 pages that I should continuing reading the actual book so I could prove that I am flexible.  The next time I decide to read a real book, it will not be an 800 page, four pound missive!)

Thank you for adding a Bev and Dara category so that our dear readers know who wrote which blog entry.  

I like either of the black dresses for Jack and Mary’s wedding, very cool backs on both.

Someday I want to go to a fashion week show.  (Can I start a bucket list with only two things on it?)

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September 12, 2012 at 10:07 pm

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