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Wedding Dress Designing, Part Two

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I chuckled when I opened our blog to see that you wrote about the wedding dress creation process.  I had just finished selecting pictures for my entry. . . of Mood Fabric (made famous from Project Runway and is also where I got the fabric for your wedding gown).  I was going to write about Project Runway, but I realized that you had never been to Mood . . . so  instead of showing the designs from last week, I thought I’d give you a little tour of the store.

I’m always reminded of my Grandmother going to Mood because the elevator one takes to Mood’s third floor entrance is operated by an actual person.  Grams used to take me to Wanamakers in Center City Philadelphia, the elevators were exactly the same.

Heaven is three floors the size of a football field filled with fabric. 

 Fabric is on rolls, piled high, squished onto shelves.  There are signs hanging from the ceiling identifying the fabrics i.e., silk charmuse, silk knits, silk organza. 

Sometimes there are too many rolls to fit on the shelves!  This is a selection of new silk prints.

This is Denis, he was the person who helped me with the 30 yards of silk used for your wedding gown.  Although Mood is open on Saturday, the silk is stored in a vault that is not open on Saturday.   Denis also helps with the lace that is beaded and crystallized.  Prices for those fabrics start  at $300/yard.  I bet that fabric goes to the vault for the weekend as well!

Janice is Missoni obsessed, I included this for her, although the wasn’t ANY Missoni when I last visited Mood.

I’m sure you guessed that I couldn’t complete a report on Mood without mentioning one of my favorite things about Mood . . . Swatch!  He likes to dress up, he enjoys Game of  Thrones as much as I do.

( I had to resist adding a picture of you in your wedding dress. You were the most beautiful bride ever!)

Happy Birthday Mom!

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September 18, 2012 at 10:51 pm

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