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Blog hijack for quilting

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(I’m calling this a hijacking because my Tuesday sewing group has e-mailed back and forth about the “little” project that would be discussed at our next get together.  It is so much easier to blog and insert pictures than to write this info in an e-mail.) 

Judy, Debbie and I(from my sewing on Tuesday group) went to a quilt show in Jacksonville on Friday.  Kim B. joined us. We are always  looking for our next quilting project.   One of the four of us came up with the brilliant idea to make a copy of one of the quilts we saw at the show.  No one will admit that it was their idea to make this quilt, you will see why.

The quilt is made of two blocks, each is a nine patch.  These are the blocks:

 Here is a picture of the actual quilt:

The pattern doesn’t look too tough, but…


The blocks are only 4 1/2 inches!

The quilt is called Omigosh!  There are 221 blocks, 9900 pieces! Now you know why no one wanted to admit that it was their idea to make the quilt…it should have been called insanity. 

The discussion on Tuesday will be -should we each make one quilt , or each make a smaller version of the  quilt, or will we all contribute blocks to one quilt  and donate it, or  will we all make some blocks and swap them or will we realize how none of us need a project that will suck up an enormous amount of time.

On a separate topic, Little Birdie went home tonight.  Who will play hide and seek with Eagle?



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September 23, 2012 at 10:20 pm

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