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As you know, we have Jack and Mary’s wedding this weekend in Boston. As much as I aspire to be frugal (especially due to being a new home and car owner and the fact that we have a million and two trips planned this year), I cannot when it comes to dresses for weddings.  I always have high hopes to wear a dress a second time . . . or use Rent the Runway again . . . but I broke down and bought a dress on for the wedding.  It’s very pretty and fallish and somewhat conservative, which is what I was looking for . . . but it has yet to show up (I ordered it LAST MONDAY!).  Unfortunately, the dress is not available at the Manhattan location, so I had to find a new one (and fast!).  So I ran over to Bloomingdale’s last night, went to the third floor . . . to the first designer section (Reiss – a brand I’ve never heard of) . . . picked out the first dress I found that looked somewhat appealing, tried it on and bought it.

This is the back, my favorite part.

It wasn’t until this morning, when I showed the dress to Ashley, that I realized I picked a dress from a company that has become increasingly more popular due to its biggest fan . . .

Yep, Kate.  And that white dress, that pretty much the entire World saw, is a Reiss dress.  She also wore one to meet Michelle . . .

And wore one to a polo match.

Here it is without the jacket (I would do anything for that red version).

Yeah, so I’m actually pretty pleased with my purchase now!  Here are a few other items (all happen to be on sale!!!) on the Reiss website that I love.




Another company that I never ran into but is now getting a lot of press is Living Proof (kind of genius name, if you ask me).  There was a write up today in the Wall Street Journal about the company and their new spokesperson, Jennifer Aniston (look at this guy – he’s totally psyched!).

The packaging is so cute.

After watching some of the videos on Living Proof’s website I have about 26 things in my shopping cart – yikes!

I guess sometimes its better (for your wallet) to not know about these things!

Written by bevanddara

October 11, 2012 at 1:02 pm

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