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Fall in Florida

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We also had great weather last weekend.  It was so nice, I couldn’t be inside.  My yard looks so much better for the effort, and I can now describe each and every muscle I have, since I used and can feel each one.

Besides the start of months of spectacular weather, October also brings Halloween. Halloween is the biggest holiday celebration in Florida.  I guess it is bigger than Christmas because all of us natives leave the state, and all the people who visit are at Disney. Judy (who hosts us for sewing on Tuesdays) and her husband (our valet) Mike are very creative and skilled craftspeople.  Here are the OUTSIDE Halloween decorations:


Can you believe a witch flew into one of the trees?

This is my favorite, the noses light up at night.

Mike has crafted all of these.  I think Judy paints the works of art (in addition to supervising.)  She does hang a quilt by the front door.  This one cracks me up!

We are stocking up on candy, dog biscuits and carrots (for horses) for next week.

My granddog may be a ham, but he is very, very cute!

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October 23, 2012 at 8:04 pm

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