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I’m Thankful For Boden

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I got my first Boden catalog about four years ago.  It was mostly just women’s clothing (and kind of frumpy because it’s an English brand) but over the past two years they’ve been expanding and are now my go-to for children’s gifts. I know I should be buying books and games (an other things that stimulate little minds)  . . . but seriously, who could resist putting these ADORABLE outfits in a virtual shopping cart?

(I got this outfit for Lucas Davis)

(I got this for the soon-to-be Payton Davis)

I mean . . . come on . . . that little vest and the duck dress and the little leggings . . . just ridiculous.

They’re also getting MUCH better in the women’s department (which is very dangerous).

I’m pretty sure this jacket screams NEW YEARS EVE IN PALM SPRINGS!!! (right?)

 The men’s stuff is looking pretty good too (so are the models :)).

Thanks, Boden for making it easy to shop for the little ones in my life (and for putting a dent in my wallet)!

Happy Friday!

Written by bevanddara

November 9, 2012 at 10:28 am

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