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I spent Friday morning at Nasdaq with Jamba, Inc., while they rang the morning bell as part of Nasdaq’s fit week.

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They have been, and continue to, fight hard to help end childhood obesity.  Their latest effort is the launch of the Jamba Kids Meal.  Each meal contains two and one-half servings of fruits and/or vegetables, a serving of whole grains, and provides an excellent source of protein.

Speaking of healthly eating and the first week of January did you come up with a New Years resolution?  This is the first year I will not be making one.  I’ve realized that I always forget what it is by April and my life is so different every day, every week, every month . . . so it only makes sense to make daily resolutions.

So yeah, this year I will definitely have days where I eat more calories than I burn, or get less sleep than I need or be negative when I should be finding the positive . . . but I will also have days when I eat three healthy balanced meals (helped by my OBSESSION with kale salads at Chop’t for lunch) and workout hard (especially with a new Soul Cycle opening in our neighborhood!!!!) and get more than six hours of sleep a night (maybe a new pillow will help?) and take deep breaths and remember that I only have one life and one chance to make each day special.

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January 6, 2013 at 10:10 pm

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