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Happy hump day!  Yes, Chet is on the road to recovery!  He gave us quite a scare this weekend . . . I actually thought I would lose him at points . . . but no . . . his healthy little 12-year-old body and mind kept him with us.  I will be FOREVER grateful to the amazing staff (especially our vet Dr. Leiman) at Northside and Chester’s amazing surgeon Dr. Carmichael at the Animal Medical Center

When I brought him home on Monday he was groggy, and in pain and disoriented . . . but I came home to this on Tuesday after work! (Apologies for the awful video, but I’m sure you’ll get the idea!)  What an amazing little guy.

Speaking of this video, I sent it to Mike last night and he responded with the following, ” Go Chetty Go! Freaking hilarious… I plugged my headphones to watch this and the guy next to me just said…. “You know your headphones aren’t plugged in, right? We can hear you watching your teletubby show”.

Do I sound like a Teletubby?  That’s so embarrassing!  🙂

Written by bevanddara

January 9, 2013 at 9:02 am

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