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New York Times You Are KILLING ME!!!!!

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The New York Times just came out with their annual “Places to Go” list.  There are so many on the list that Mike and I have been thinking about going to . . .

Like RIO! (Well, because of Tory)


and Nicaragua (The new surf spot!)


Australia (As you know I’ve been dying to go here for pretty much my entire life)


New Zealand (If you’re going to Australia you might as well check out New Zealand too, right?)


South Africa (Safaris, wine and places like this . . . sign me up!)


Thailand (Awesome food, scenery and people . . . and cheap massages . . . sounds pretty awesome!)


Ireland (Well, Mike has been there but I haven’t)


But after reading this I now want to go to these places too!

Montenegro (Um, yeah, the picture pretty much explains why . . .)

Montenegro, Adriatic coast, Bay of Budva, Sveti Stefan peninsula, the fortified village of Stefan-Svesti transformed into a luxury hotel

The Philippines (For the same reason as above)


Republic of Congo (aaaaaamazing)


And then, of course, the places I’ve been, which include . . .

Hawaii (Not the Big Island, but Maui and Kauai, which are close enough)


Paris (With Vicki for Valentine’s Day my senior year in college . . . it was freezing, I only knew how to order bread, cheese and wine . . . so that’s all I ate . . . and we spent 20 hours a day soaking in all of the art and nightlife Paris had to offer . . . nothing wrong with that . . . ).


Jackson Hole (Where we stayed at an amazing resort and got to ski the best conditions we’ve ever experienced)

jackson hole

Spain (Not Burgos, but Barcelona and Madrid . . . to visit Lauren while she was abroad)


Puerto Rico (With Vicki my senior year of college . . . stayed at a classmate’s INCREDIBLE house that overlooked all of Old San Juan . . .  such an amazing trip!)


Mexico (Haven’t been to Yucatan but I’ve been to Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Bucerias and Troncones)


and Amsterdam (I seriously need a re-visit, because I mostly only saw the inside of our bed and breakfast bathroom instead of the city when we were there last.  Gotta love food poisoning! 😦 )

US artist Mike Kelley exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum

I know someone who has probably been to every place on this list . . . Jamie Beck from the Between You and Me blog (which, if you don’t read on a regular basis you should).  I thought I had a fabulous 2012 . . . but mine doesn’t even hold a candle to hers (Actually – in 2013 so far she’s been in Palm Springs and Florence!).    Check out her 2012 recap!

Happy Friday!

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January 11, 2013 at 3:21 pm

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