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Sorry for the radio silence . . . its been a pretty eventful week. 

photo (4)

From Monday until Friday of last week I was at the Fontainebleau Hotel for our annual conference, The ICR XChange. It was a week of 20 hour workdays making sure my clients at the conference were taken care of and happy . . . all while I was constantly checking my Blackberry to make sure my clients that weren’t at the conference were also taken care of and happy.  It was an incredible week for our Company.  Not only did 2,200 people attend (1,000+ institutional investors, 200+ public and private companies, investment bankers and analysts from our 20 sponsors, PE firms, media, etc.) but NASDAQ did a (very rare) remote opening (click on the link and scroll down to 1/16 to see the video) . . .


and if that wasn’t cool enough, CNBC was also there broadcasting live.  Most importantly, our clients were extremely happy (most calling it “the best conference ever”).  From 10 presenting companies and 25 funds in attendance at the first XChange in 1999 to what it has become today is only a testamate to our firm’s dedication to be the best . . . the best at investor relations, corporate communications . . . by knowing and doing what everyone in the investment community and our management teams want, need and appreciate.  It was press resulting from the XChange in January of 2006 that drew me to the company.  In the seven years I’ve been here we’ve lost some incredible founders (Chad and John), but we’ve also gained hundreds of clients (including 23% of all US IPOs in 2012) and a great reputation (which we deserve, for all of us at ICR work our butts off!).

ANYWAY!  When Friday came, and the conference was over, I took an early morning jog on the beach and watched the sun rise over the ocean . . .

photo (5)

It was a great run . . . reflecting on how great (and crazy) the week was . . . and being SO thankful it was over. 

The week was capped off by a great trip to Atlanta to visit these beauties (Caitlin and Paige . . . and Jeff, Brady, Moose and Jessie of course :))

photo (3)

We had some great girl time catching up and admiring how AAAAAdorable little Paige is . . . and we also went for a bi-plane ride over the city!

photo (7)

photo (6)

And, of course, no trip to Atlanta would be complete without some great eating at The Floataway Cafe and JCT Kitchen.  I miss everyone already.  😦

I came home on Sunday to a chest cold, a doggie that has some sort of stomach virus,  and a lost game (poor Pats 😦 ) . . . plus I unpacked my suitcase and gave it to Mike so he could pack up for a week away (I think he’ll be in Florida or California . . . not sure and I don’t want to ask him for the millionth time . . . at least I know that he’ll be in the US. 🙂 )

Well, at least it’s already Tuesday!

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January 22, 2013 at 10:37 am

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