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From Alaska to Hawaii

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Sebastian (pretty much my brother-in-law, for those who aren’t familiar) and Giles (his identical twin) have been snow machine film makers in Alaska for at least as long as I’ve known them.  A film company recently interviewed them.  You can see a portion of the interview below . . . I love it!  ( I also love that Sebastian has a pug shirt on – little shout out to their pug Miller Girl!)

The first time I met Giles was, of course, on a snow machine in Alaska . . . he was picking me up to take me straight up (I’m talking 90 degree angle) to the top of the mountain where they were shooting footage. 

I found some pictures on my old Shutterfly account . . . here they are . . . brainstorming their next shoot . . . (Look how amazing the blue blue skies and white white mountains are!  SO pretty)


and filming . . .


Sebastian (I think?), me and Mike (I was trying to act cool because Mike and I just started dating . . . but I was FREAKING out . . . probably more so about what my hair would look like when the helmet came off than getting in a snow machine accident).


This is one of my favorite pictures of Mike and I. 🙂


Did you see that Harper had a little cameo in the film? :).  Speaking of Harper and Sebastian, they are in Maui right now loving life (Shannon left yesterday or today to go home I think).  Love this picture of my beautiful sister-in-law (with a Jamestown shout out – The Ganny is the local bar :)) and adorable niece Harper . . . just enjoying a stroll in paradise.


Hawaii and Alaska are two places I would love to visit this year.  Fingers crossed!

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January 22, 2013 at 5:27 pm

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