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Project Runway – A new Season begins….

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and with it the hope that I will enjoy the last episode as much as the first!  Prior to the first episode was a Road to the Runway.   That was a fun introduction to the designers.  The entire season will consist of team challenges.  (It was worth watching this episode just to see the designers faces when Heidi dropped that bombshell.)

The team that played together well actually did the best.  Each designer made an outfit that showed their aesthetic and used NYC for the inspiration.  The winner was a 48-year-old Christian Siriano replica with a handle bar mustache. He constructed a gorgeous two piece wool tailored suit made in very little time.pr11-rr-daniel-f

Second was this outfit that looked much more attractive on the model walking the runway.pr11-rr-richard-fThe third place was won by the first American Indian contestant.  It is hard to tell, but she painted the “building scapes” on the top layer, then cut slits to reveal the blue sheath underneath.  She really did capture the look of the skyline.pr11-rr-patricia-fThese three looks were from the winning team.  One deserving person was sent home from the losing team.  According to Nina, the outfit that sent the designer home was the least constructed thing that has ever been sent down the runway.  I agree.   Sew far, Sew good!

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January 25, 2013 at 9:54 pm

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