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Pass the Fluffernutter

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Kitty (my sister, Dara’s Aunt, Chester’s babysitter) is in NYC to watch Chester.  She called to report on the status of my grand-dog, she is relieved to say that Chester still loves her.

The last time she drove to the city, she took a supply of food.  For Cathy, that means peanut butter and fluff.fluffernutter  I can’t believe she hasn’t become bored with that culinary delicacy.  I think she has devoured  that sandwich at least once a day for as long as I can remember.   Chester is treated to a frozen peanut butter stuffed kong each day (for his separation anxiety.)  Rather than sharing her SKIPPY, she took a jar of generic  peanut butter for Chet. She had me rolling on the floor laughing after telling me that there is only one spoonful of fluff left (I bet Dara would never admit that she would eat fluff, so it must have been Mike) and that Chet must have enjoyed all the Skippy, only the generic peanut butter was left!  WE LOVE OUR ANIMALS!

LC enjoyed this story.  She understands that we love our animals enough that we leave the generic peanut butter for the humans.  She had to rest after spell checking my writing and glaring at the frogs outside the bedroom window.DSCN1697

Written by bevanddara

February 15, 2013 at 11:26 pm

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