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I know that Spring is still over a month away but I’m SO OVER Winter right now.  I’m tired of wearing a million layers of black and grey and itchy hats and dressing Chet up before every single darn walk.  I was in San Francisco last week and the weather was amazing (for February).  Sunny and in the 70s . . . there was, of course, an eery layer of fog in the morning that sort of skirted out of the city and over the Bay as the day got later.  This is a picture from one of my mid-morning meeting spots . . . do you see the fog?

photo (2)

I wish I took a picture from the first meeting I had . . . it was in an office on the 39th floor that had floor to ceiling windows and overlooked the Bay Bridge.  When you walked into the lobby all you saw was the fog below you and the Bay Bridge popping out . . . kind of felt like you were flying. Mike is there right now . . . hopefully he’s getting a chance to enjoy the sunshine a little.

Anyway . . . speaking of warmer weather . . . when I saw this dress this morning I REALLY wanted it to be summer.  I love it in black and beige . . . maybe when it goes on sale I’ll get it.



I’m also dying over these shoes from Cole Haan (Mike and I went to a Cole Haan outlet on our way home from NH on Monday and pretty much bought every single shoe in the store . . . sadly (or luckily) these weren’t there).


Speaking of Northern California and fashion . . . Marissa Mayer (CEO of Yahoo) was on the Today show yesterday announcing the roll out of Yahoo’s new homepage design.  Such an inspiring woman being a new Mom and taking over the gigantic task as CEO of Yahoo.  She’s also a natural for TV interviews . . . as our PR team tells our clients before they go on the air . . . remember why you’re getting interviewed . . . stay on topic and control the conversation.  She did just that . . . take a look!

Written by bevanddara

February 21, 2013 at 11:58 am

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