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I’m confused, is it Duct tape or Duck tape?

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I am enjoying project runway this season.  The challenges have been actual challenges, not simply make a pretty dress.   Two weeks ago,the designers had to make a prom dress, with a catch…duct tape. Well, to answer my question, the challenge was sponsored by Duck brand Duct tape. This season is interesting because every week is a team challenge.pr11-ep7-michelleamanda-fThis dress was the winner.  A bit bizarre, but it was made out of duct tape!pr11-ep7-stanleylayana-fWhen did prom dresses become short? I thought this was cute.  The judges and I liked the bow. So move ahead to last week, Heidi must have come up with this project, and she was out of her mind.  The designers only know how to make clothes for female models who are 6 feet tall, size zero.  The most complaining and whining occurs during the real people challenge.  Imagine the most ridiculous people for whom they could be asked to design clothing .PR11-ep8-layanarichamanda-fYep, it was a male review (aka strippers)and the clothing had to be easily removable.  The designers had NO IDEA how to make clothes for men, let alone these specimens.  The clothes were HORRIBLE.  Heidi wanted to Auff everyone. I would have turned this episode off, except that Nina GIGGLED during the entire runway and the judging.  It was hysterical!!!!  I hope the producers return to an actual design challenge this week.

Totally changing the topic, I like to read mysteries.  I have a new author to follow.lgI recommend this book.  I am going to overdose on him, I have 2 more of his books downloaded to my Nook.  If you like lighthearted mysteries (is that term possible?) I enjoy Harlan Coben’s books.

I always enjoy you posting entries that  mention your wedding, brings back great memories!

Written by bevanddara

March 21, 2013 at 11:03 pm

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