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I was going to title my entry ” There is a method to my Madness.” However,  since my quilting it is actually an artistic outlet , does obsession have a more positive meaning than madness?

I am quilting a piece that will be given from a loving mother to her daughter as a wedding gift.  This top is not the one originally made for the daughter. My friend was surprised to learn (from the bride’s sister) that  the bride would prefer a neutral quilt, instead of the color pallet used in original finished quilt top. Oh these modern women!  Suddenly, D.(initial used to protect the identity of the mother) had to scramble to make a new quilt.  She had to choose a pattern, select the fabric and purchase the fabric for a newly imagined quilt.

I am honored when someone asks me to quilt for them.  Every quilt I stitch is special to me.  I have a routine before loading the quilt on my machine.  I hang the precious quilt top on the wall in my sewing room so I can look at it for a few days.  An idea for the quilting starts to develop in my head.  I use that as an excuse to search the internet (yes, blogs, forums, and my addiction-pinterest ) for ways to accomplish my vision.  Longarm quilters like to say that the quilt talks to us.  There was silence. I learned to use a quilt design program (electric quilt) thinking that seeing the top on paper would inspire me.  I sketched, then I sketched some more.  I wanted to put hearts into the quilt, you know I LOVE them.  D and I both knew that would not be appropriate for this quilt.  I used a quilt top made by Mom mom and Pop pop out of the same pattern and “auditioned” quilting.  With a few ideas, and time ticking away, I loaded the quilt.  First there was a whisper, then a little peep, then the singing started.  With a nod to tradition, the design started with a wedding ring pattern.     As you know, I usually don’t post pictures of my quilting until returned to their maker, but D. requested a picture of the quilting and a view on the machine.DSCN2149DSCN2155DSCN2151

I hope D likes this as much as I am enjoying quilting it!DSCN2156So you might ask why the title for this blog entry.  Both D and I were challenged by this quilt.  We both like color, so the neutral suggestion shoved us out of our comfort zone.   I think our collaboration has created a stunning gift!

Written by bevanddara

March 30, 2013 at 8:55 pm

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  1. Oh, Beverly…..I can’t believe how beautiful this is turning out. I LOVE the story you told in this entry. I’m excited to see it all in person, but I am also honored that you included this entry on your blog.


    March 31, 2013 at 4:10 pm

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