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Forever Scarred . . .

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Boston . . . It is a city that I went to when I was 19 and knew no one . . . not even myself.  I left five years later with a degree . . . a career . . . life-long friends . . . and the love of my life.  I have since been back to meet up with friends and family, go to concerts, weddings, sporting events, work trips . . . and get married.  Every time I’m there it feels like home.

Patriots Day . . . It’s not a national holiday . . . it’s a Massachusetts holiday . . . it’s a chance for families and friends in the special state to spend time together . . . wether it be to cheer on the Red Sox at Fenway . . . or to do yard work . . . or to support their loved ones as they complete (for some) a life-long goal of running 26.2 miles (after training all winter for it).  I’ve always worked in finance (markets are open) so have never had the chance to fully experience the day but I remember sitting in the office being SO BUMMED I couldn’t be a part of it.

Boylston Street . . . It connects Fenway Park to the TD Boston Garden . . . it connects Cheers to the Top of the Hub . . . it’s where you pick up the Duck Tour . . . it’s the heart of the city.  It’s where I had my internship during college and where Mike and I shared our first kiss.  It’s where we were all just a few months ago celebrating Mike’s birthday.

Now all of those things . . . a special city, a special day, a special street . . . and all of the people who were involved with the bombings yesterday . . . are forever scarred . . . forever changed.  It’s very sad.

My heart goes out to all directly and indirectly affected by this horrible tragedy.  And to the people responsible for this . . . you will get what you deserve.

Written by bevanddara

April 16, 2013 at 11:06 am

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