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Flora, Fauna, and Zigzags

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The pictures you posted at Kim’s are adorable!  Talk about gorgeous blue eyes, the baby looks like she is such a happy person.  

I had to run to the bathroom while reading the rooster story.  Neil, however, was totally annoyed at me for laughing so hard.  He seemed to be even more annoyed after reading the story and not understanding why it was so funny.  (He is looking for a 10 foot metal rooster for my next birthday.)

You saw this quilt by Claudia on my quilt frame.  Here it is finished:


Close up of the quilting:DSCN2229

Sometimes the quilting shows up better on the  back.  I love swirls.
DSCN2233Claudia is making a quilt for each of her great-grandchildren.  She is getting quite a head start, considering that her oldest GRANDCHILD is 10 years old.  This is one , I had fun quilting it.


A close up:


And the back.  

DSCN2236The fauna is a birthday present for (Dear Jane)Kathy’s son. Can you tell his hobby?

DSCN2210 DSCN2214

Yes, he likes to fish.DSCN2217The quilting was hard to see…I tried to quilt pond water. Speaking of Dear Jane, I have  the last 3/169 blocks to finish.  Of course they are not simple, each one has a gazillion applique pieces. 


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April 24, 2013 at 9:39 pm

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