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A Decade

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On the morning of May 1, 2003 I had my life figured out . . . I would be graduating in a few days so I would find an amazing job, work nonstop, possibly go to graduate school, find a great guy to marry when I was 30 and live happily ever after. 

photo (2)

(Our first picture together in May of 2003 – Boston)

On the morning of May 2, 2003 that vision had changed (the waiting until 30 to find my husband part).  For the night before I had met the man of my dreams . . . a man who I could not picture living a day without seeing or at least speaking too.  A decade later I still feel the same.


(September of 2005 – Upstate New York)

Mike and I grew into adults together. My entire 20s were spent giving him goodnight kisses, going on adventures with him by my side, spending the summers sailing in Jamestown and the winters skiing, watching New England sports teams all win championships, having Mexican Mondays and family snuggles with Chester.


(May of 2007 – Madrid)

I most certainly would not be me without him. He has taught me how to calm down and enjoy life a little.  But he has also let me be myself . . .  he doesn’t complain when I work long crazy hours (even when we’re on “vacation”), he has grown to accept my alarm clock obsession (triple check, of course), my Blackberry obsession, my kale obsession, my white bedsheet obsession (which doesn’t go very well with a dog that had dirty city paws) . . . he knows (and prepares for the fact) that I must eat every few hours or I’m going to kill him . . . he knows how I take my coffee and that I will call him every Monday on the way home from work (without fail) to make sure he DVR’d Dancing with the Stars (or the Bachelor, depending on the season).


(Moments after Mike proposed – May of 2008 – Jamestown, Rhode Island)

We make each other laugh and feel confident and feel loved.  We definitely have our differences . . . but since we’ve stayed true to who we are individually it’s only healthy to “duke it out” on occasion.


(The first dance at our wedding – December of 2009 – Boston)

As we move into our second decade as “Dierks and Dara” I hope that our bond and love and admiration for each other only gets better.  I hope we continue to remember who we are individually and together. And in about 21 weeks I will thank my lucky stars (for the millionth time) for May 1, 2003 . . . for around that time I will be giving my child the best father anyone could ever ask for.


(October of 2012 – Brooklyn)

Happy anniversary Mikey.  Love you.

Here are a few pictures that I found of us from over the past 10 years.  (some of the pictures repeated – had some serious issues with this gallery!)

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May 1, 2013 at 10:40 am

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  1. Could you guys be cuter?! Love this and love you guys. Happy ten years! That’s awesome.


    May 1, 2013 at 11:25 pm

  2. Happy “decade” Mike and Dara! I love the two of you more than words. You complete each other and compliment each other in so many ways. Thanks for loving me and my family. I can’t imagine my life without you Dara. You are such an amazing friend to me and I cherish you so much. These past six years have been the most amazing yet crazy years of my life and you have been by my side the entire way. I look forward to sharing a lifetime of traveling with you guys and I can’t wait to welcome your little bundle of joy into the world this fall. I love you guys! XOXO Jess

    Jess Conn

    June 2, 2013 at 6:47 am

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