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I am the official self appointed photographer of my Tuesday sewing group.  I did not know how important a position this was until a recent email conversation that was brought on by a picture I posted here on our blog.  The condensed version is that Pat worked on a quilt top that Judy never saw, and Pat didn’t remember working on, so how could it possibly be on Bev’s blog????

A few projects being worked on at Judy’s on Tuesdays:

Judy finished a hot pink number

DSCN2416I sewed together some applique blocks.  This is a project that I started a few years (decades) ago.
DSCN2419 Judy and Claudia are slowly but surely working on this striped project, the pattern is by Ardvark Quilts.  Funny name, yes?DSCN2437 When Judy tired of pink, she went orange.  (Yes, she is a prolific quilter!)DSCN2438 Cindy, was working on this last week, so I’m late documenting this.  These nine patches are TINY!!!DSCN2440 Claudia introduced us to the correctly titled Sew Demented bag.This is Claudia’s original.DSCN2436 Quilters do not like to do zippers…this bag has FOUR zippers!  But we all HAD to make one.  Claudia was a dear, and ordered a zillion different colored zippers for us.  She then put up with us acting like two- year- olds while she coached us through construction.DSCN2435 This is the outside of my bag.DSCN2487 Claudia made another one while encouraging us.DSCN2491 Judy made this one for her grand-daughter.DSCN2492 Nancy visited, her bag is the one in the middle of the table.  She is helping Cathy with zipper insertion.DSCN2489Pat worked on hers today and is making a French General bag for herself.  Hopefully I’ll have pictures of them next week when they are finished.

My grand-dog is so cute.  I’m glad he and Marlow are getting along so well.

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June 25, 2013 at 9:59 pm

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