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Too Much TV Thanks To The Dierks

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It’s your fault.  Last night I was so nosy that I HAD to watch The Bachelorette to see if we predicted correctly that the cute guy was going to dump whats her name.  Talk about drawing out (my) misery having to watch him whining and whining and whining.    Just tell her you don’t want a rose and get it over with!!!

Luckily, there was an exciting baseball game on TV –  the Rays versus the Red Socks.  I was real man with a remote control, I drove myself crazy flipping back and forth between the Bachelorette and Baseball.   But wait… a rain delay in a game that featured my favorite pitcher.  Oh no, back to Whiney.   I thank your husband for my being interested in baseball.  (Neil also thanks Mike for that.)

And yes, you were the person who told me about Project Runway.  I still LOVE the show.  Some things are different this year.  As you know, Go Bank has given each designer a debit card with $4,000 to purchase fabric at Mood, so they have a budget for the whole season.   Tim is sitting in with the judges, and he can save one contestant from elimination.  The judges will be able to look at the fashions up close after the Runway.

It is too soon for me to pick my favorite designer.  There are a few kooky characters still on the show for the comic relief they provide.  One is a dumpster diver who wouldn’t let his model have and makeup or hair products because he is into sustainable fashion,  Oh, and his model was also barefoot, but he wore gold sparkled high heels????  I expect him to leave this week.  Then there is the hot-tempered Russian who was yelling and screaming at everyone, but who comforted one of the designers who lost it before her design went down the Runway.  Oh, and his model was the one who had to have a “black spot” cover part of her shorts so that the show wasn’t censored.

Kate was the winner of this challenge, which was to create a design to showcase diamond jewelry.


I was happy to see Swatch at my last visit to New York, when I visited Mood on the hottest day of the year.

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July 30, 2013 at 10:24 pm

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One Can Dream . . .

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I saw this picture this morning and just melted . . . and then forwarded to Mike.


He then responded with, “Cute pic. Our version might not be so calm and peaceful. I imagine Chet would be frothing, our kid would be half hanging out of the stroller and you would be walking and typing.” 

Gosh . . . he’s so right . . . but I can at least dream for a second that I will be able to have a well-behaved dog sitting in the stroller with my adorable, well-behaved child . . . all while looking like a Victoria Secret model completely taking in my surroundings and not looking at my Blackberry and/or talking on the phone . . . right? 🙂

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July 30, 2013 at 10:12 am

Happy Birthday!

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I hope you enjoyed your birthday, Sweetie!  If I was with you, I would make you a very special cake for a very special woman.  Would it bebirthday-cake1


Strawberry?  (No that would be for Mike.)
Lemon??? No it would be Red Velvet Birthday Cupcakes!!!!Red-Velvet-Birthday-CupcakesServed with a side of Spaghetti with turkey meatballs, and The Bachelorette Finale on TV!

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Dara

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July 29, 2013 at 8:17 pm

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Flowers from Philly

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The best advice I’m going to give you about Baby D is….none.  (I hope.)  (I’ll try.)

These are a few pictures I took on my recent trip up north.  The hydrangeas in Lancaster were spectacular.  PINK!!!!DSCN2531

Jackie and Skip’s flowers (Mom and Dad’s next door neighbors) outdid themselves  this year.  This is the front of their house.
DSCN2528 - Copy

The hibiscus in the back of the house were equally impressive.DSCN2537DSCN2532

This close up is for the students who took the quilting workshop from Juanita Yeager.DSCN2533 DSCN2539I am still mad at Kitty for throwing out the cuttings that I took from Jackie’s gorgeous plants!

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July 27, 2013 at 8:58 pm

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64 Days . . .

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First of all, I was soooo going to send you that Today Show story yesterday.  Too funny.

Secondly, its 64 days until the due date for Baby D. 


Holy crap, when the heck did that happen?  I was reminded of that fact (well, a lot to be honest, but especially) when I saw the Lessons in Motherhood article on The Everygirl yesterday.  Every blogger mom was asked their favorite product(s), what product they didn’t need, three things that you learned that noone could prepare you for, best advice and then something you struggle with as a mom.  The favorite products section is kind of funny (to me) as all of the ladies interviewed are bloggers and they need to keep some sort of “lean, green and clean” persona so a lot of the products are a little “crunchy” but most are dead on with what I’ve heard are go-tos (a lot of them I already have, thankfully!).  The “products you didn’t need” section was pretty interesting . . . as a lot of those products (well, with the exception of the wipe warmer) are products that some of my girlfriends SWEAR by. 

Just for fun I’ve decided to guess what my answers will be . . . and in a few months we’ll see if I was right!

Name:  Dara, 32 <– Ugh, I’m so turning 32 next week and its bumming me out.

Children:  Baby D, [X] months


Favorite Products

  1. ERGObaby Carrier.  It’s still on our registry but I need this because I have a feeling that the only way I’m going to get anything done around the house (and at work) is by strapping this baby (and the baby) on.
  2. Rock n Play Sleeper.  It’s what the baby will sleep in for the first few weeks (or months?  I have no clue?).  It allowed Kim and Matt to sleep when they brought Lucia home (keeps the baby’s head elevated so they’re more comfy, supposidly!)
  3. Sleep Sheep. Another Kim recommendation.  This little sheep has all sorts fo white noise sounds which babies are used to so it makes it easier for them to fall asleep.  This makes sense as Mike and I both need a fan noise to fall asleep.  After the baby moves into its own room we may need to buy a second Sleep Sheep for Mike and I!

One Product You Didn’t Need

This is hard . . . but I’m guessing I won’t need BOTH strollers that we have (the Bob and the Uppa Baby).  Or at least I won’t need them both right away . . . we shall see!

Three Things You Learned That No One Could Have Prepared You For

  1. Our apartment will not remain as clutter-free and clean as I thought it would. 
  2. I will need help more than I originally thought.
  3. My body won’t bounce back as quickly as I’d hoped, but that I’m okay with it. (<– I’m really hoping this isn’t true, but am trying to prepare myself that it will be)

Best Advice You Received

As every mom hears . . . just go with your instinct . . . you will know what is right for your baby and not every baby is the same. 

Something You Struggle With As A Mom

Being a working Mom . . . especially the first few weeks.  I feel like I’ll have it under control, but I know deep down it will be hard and almost impossible at points.

Here are a few other excerpts from The Everygirl piece that have stuck with me since reading it.

“My life really changed and all for the better. But it did take a little while to realize that, hey, things are different now. Gone are the days of being spontaneous and going away for the weekend, or heck, even running a last-minute errand. Gone are the days of uninterrupted sleep…or sleeping in for that matter. Gone are the days of staying out late or showering in peace. But I’m telling you, that smile or laugh makes it all worth it. I wouldn’t trade my Saturday nights in with the baby and hubby for anything else in the world!”

“You must take care of yourself first if you plan to be a good mother. It sounds counterintuitive, but you simply cannot care for another human being if you can’t care for yourself first. That means taking that break to eat a snack or shower so you feel more human again. It also means asking for help and not feeling guilty about it. I always remember that I’m the best mom to Ethan when I look out for myself and ensure that I can be a strong mentor and example for him.”

“Becoming a mom also means other mothers (and non-mothers, too) start handing you advice, warranted or not. Everyone thinks their way is best, and will defend it at all costs. The “right” way to parent a child is as individual as they are. Take the advice that feels right to you and smile and nod through the rest.”

“As a mother you will learn to adapt fast. Adapt to no sleep, adapt to the sounds of a screaming baby, adapt to having every emotions boiling at the surface all day and night. But there is adapting, and there is suffering. Don’t suffer! Ask for help when things get overwhelming.”

Have a great weekend!

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July 26, 2013 at 11:54 am

Some People Are Just Born Klutzy

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I have two disclaimers before you read this.

1) I usually leave the educational portion of our blog to you,  and

2) I am still boycotting the Today Show due to the treatment of Anne.

However, the TV was tuned to the Today show when turned on this morning.  I HAD to watch a segment Savannah Guthrie reported on discussing clumsiness.  It seems she is known to be less than co-ordinated at (most) times.

Guthrie reported on the science of clumsiness this morning, citing a 2007 Dutch report that essentially found that natural-born walking disasters really do exist – one out of every 29 people is 50 percent more likely to do something clumsy than regular, non-accident-prone people.

Today, Dr. Buz Swanik and his team of engineers at the University of Delaware are investigating what’s happening in the brains of clumsy people.

“They can’t create a plan for what’s going to happen next, and it could be within one-tenth or two-tenths of a second, and you’re exposed, to whatever is around you that could hurt you,” Swanik told TODAY.

And that fraction of a second is enough time to drop something, crash into something, fall into something – you get it.

On camera, Buskirk gave Guthrie a series of five tests, measuring things like vision, equilibrium and spatial awareness. And she failed every test – every single one.

“This is an equilibrium and balance system processing problem, where when you’re trying to do more than one thing at a time and things aren’t being processed 100 percent correctly, and it manifests itself with a physical anomaly causing you to just be clumsy,” Buskirk told Guthrie. “Certainly, now I have enough of a measure that I could design a rehabilitative program for you –“

Guthrie interrupted, “So I could be cured?”

“With you we don’t worry so much,” Buskirk says. “If your profession involved climbing up ladders and doing things on scaffolds, I’d be a lot more concerned and a lot more worried.”

In other words – Guthrie really is an accident-prone person. Back in the studio Thursday morning, she held aloft two single-spaced pages detailing what’s scientifically wrong with her and said Buskirk told her if she wanted to “cure” her clumsiness, it would take eight to 10 weeks of work. But like many of us suffering from this affliction, she has developed her own theory on what’s causing her clumsiness.

“What I think is that I’m thinking really deep and important thoughts, and therefore I’m really not watching where I’m going,” she said.

“You keep thinking that,” said Matt Lauer, giving her a sad little pat on the shoulder.

Maybe after Neil reads this he will start believing that I am not clumsy on purpose!

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July 25, 2013 at 9:05 pm

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Yes, The Prince and I share a birthday

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I received these beautiful roses from Neil, in addition to a wonderful meal and TWO bottles of champagne!DSCN2607

Someday I will make a quilt that shows my love for flowers.  I may be closer to that goal after reading about techniques in the quilting magazines you gave me for my birthday. DSCN2610

I enjoyed a birthday watermelon at Judy’s on Tuesday.  Jayne joined us, she sewed two tops together.  This top is going to have a border with wool appliqued flowers around it.DSCN2614This top is made from leftover pieces of the above quilt top. I really like Jayne’s  color/fabric style.


Judy, Pat and Cathy took a workshop from Juanita Yeager.  She creates flower quilts.  Judy is working on her’s here.  AMAZING work Judy!DSCN2616

Cindy is working on a quilt that would take most of us years complete.  (Wouldn’t Kitty love this?)DSCN2617 Cathy worked on sashing that will surround the embroidered blocks in the next picture.DSCN2618


Pat is quilting a “spiderweb” that is a baby present.
I am still sewing strips for my grandchild’s quilt.  I love the challenge of the piece.

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July 24, 2013 at 7:42 pm

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