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Who Is Having A Better Week?

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Mike is currently at the US Open of Surfing “working”. 

He’s been spending his days here (Huntington Beach, CA) . . .


And has been hanging out with people like Kelly Slater . . . he’s the one without the shirt BTW. Umm . . . yeah.

photo (8)

Meanwhile I’ve been in my office working on a million earnings scripts and releases and coming home to hang out with this guy . . .

photo (9)

While also writing thank you cards until my fingers hurt.

photo (17)

He’s been eating fish tacos and drinking margaritas (I’m guessing) while I’ve been drinking these guys . . . (takes me a block and a half to down one of these – kale, cucumber, spinach, ginger, apple, celery . . . gross . . . all for you Baby D . . . all for you!)

photo (16)

He’s certainly my husband, though . . . out of all the stuff he’s been seeing over the past few days he sent me this picture (he has a slight obsession with King Charles Spaniels. Should I be worried about that?)

photo (18)

They may be having the best day out of all of us.  Do you see that doggie stroller behind them? Um, they live in Huntington Beach (or around there) and get pushed around in a stroller. 

I guess this guy doesn’t have it too bad, though.  He takes naps in the AC all day (this sleeping on his back thing is pretty new and pretty cute!).

photo (11)

Written by bevanddara

July 23, 2013 at 4:02 pm

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  1. If my granddaughter is green with a sour face when she is born, I,m going to disown you -the poor kid. what ever happened to regular food? Great mom-mom Size Sent from my mobile device

    Frank Sale

    July 25, 2013 at 1:25 pm

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