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Yes, The Prince and I share a birthday

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I received these beautiful roses from Neil, in addition to a wonderful meal and TWO bottles of champagne!DSCN2607

Someday I will make a quilt that shows my love for flowers.  I may be closer to that goal after reading about techniques in the quilting magazines you gave me for my birthday. DSCN2610

I enjoyed a birthday watermelon at Judy’s on Tuesday.  Jayne joined us, she sewed two tops together.  This top is going to have a border with wool appliqued flowers around it.DSCN2614This top is made from leftover pieces of the above quilt top. I really like Jayne’s  color/fabric style.


Judy, Pat and Cathy took a workshop from Juanita Yeager.  She creates flower quilts.  Judy is working on her’s here.  AMAZING work Judy!DSCN2616

Cindy is working on a quilt that would take most of us years complete.  (Wouldn’t Kitty love this?)DSCN2617 Cathy worked on sashing that will surround the embroidered blocks in the next picture.DSCN2618


Pat is quilting a “spiderweb” that is a baby present.
I am still sewing strips for my grandchild’s quilt.  I love the challenge of the piece.

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July 24, 2013 at 7:42 pm

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