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Too Much TV Thanks To The Dierks

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It’s your fault.  Last night I was so nosy that I HAD to watch The Bachelorette to see if we predicted correctly that the cute guy was going to dump whats her name.  Talk about drawing out (my) misery having to watch him whining and whining and whining.    Just tell her you don’t want a rose and get it over with!!!

Luckily, there was an exciting baseball game on TV –  the Rays versus the Red Socks.  I was real man with a remote control, I drove myself crazy flipping back and forth between the Bachelorette and Baseball.   But wait… a rain delay in a game that featured my favorite pitcher.  Oh no, back to Whiney.   I thank your husband for my being interested in baseball.  (Neil also thanks Mike for that.)

And yes, you were the person who told me about Project Runway.  I still LOVE the show.  Some things are different this year.  As you know, Go Bank has given each designer a debit card with $4,000 to purchase fabric at Mood, so they have a budget for the whole season.   Tim is sitting in with the judges, and he can save one contestant from elimination.  The judges will be able to look at the fashions up close after the Runway.

It is too soon for me to pick my favorite designer.  There are a few kooky characters still on the show for the comic relief they provide.  One is a dumpster diver who wouldn’t let his model have and makeup or hair products because he is into sustainable fashion,  Oh, and his model was also barefoot, but he wore gold sparkled high heels????  I expect him to leave this week.  Then there is the hot-tempered Russian who was yelling and screaming at everyone, but who comforted one of the designers who lost it before her design went down the Runway.  Oh, and his model was the one who had to have a “black spot” cover part of her shorts so that the show wasn’t censored.

Kate was the winner of this challenge, which was to create a design to showcase diamond jewelry.


I was happy to see Swatch at my last visit to New York, when I visited Mood on the hottest day of the year.

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July 30, 2013 at 10:24 pm

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